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Aug 22, 2009 08:31 AM

Thai Market


I am looking for a Thai market along the lines of the Chinese 99 Ranch. Does any Hound know if such a thing exists? It is important that it have a greengrocer.


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  1. Bangluck Market, Sherman Way west of Coldwater, North Hollywood.

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      Yep - Bangluck's....There is also one on Reseda/Sherman Way west side of Reseda and, the original @ 5170 Hollywood Blvd in Thaitown. The cafe's next to Bangluck NoHo and Hollywood: Sanamluang - good stuff!!!!
      You might also try Bangkok Market on Melrose:

    2. Lax-C, 1100 N. Main, near Chinatown in downtown, is the Thai market where most of the local Thai restaurants do their shopping. It is open to the public and is a remarkable experience. Easily as big as a Costco, with an enormous variety of every kind of food, produce, meat, seafood, fresh items, canned and bottled items, spices, herbs, as well as kitchen equipment, housewares, sundries, you name it. All Thai. A good cheap food court, too. It is much cheaper than any of the other Thai markets in town, with a much more extensive selection. I highly recommend it.

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        Exactly what I would have said but you beat me to it! While I usually shop at Bangkok Market in L.A. or one of the 2 Bang Lucks in the SFV when I just need a coulpe of fresh produce items or whatever; LAX-C is by far the best best on selection, price, ready to eat food vendors and the overall "wow, am I really in L.A. experience!" If you need a lot of stuff, LAX-C is the best.
        Note, I tried but did not succeede in linking to the Bang Luck Markets.

        1100 N Main St, Los Angeles, CA

        Bangkok Market Retail
        4757 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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          Because SEL it's Bangluck NOT Bang Luck.....but, they don't seem to have websites anyway. Here's one from Yelp:

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            Yes I know, when I Googled it as one word the results showed up both ways, including the '' result. But they don't seem to be in the Chow Places database!


      2. Silom market on Hollywood and (east of Western, pehaps Harvard) has a nice selection of produce and other products from Thailand. Make an afternoon of it by first grabbing some lunch at Jitlada.