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Cheese store coming to downtown Bronxville

Anyone know anything about the cheese store that appears to be moving into a shop on Pondfield Rd. in Bronxville? Last time I walked past the building (forgot the number), there was a printer-paper sheet of a mouse with the words "Could it be true?" on it. Is there a timeline? I would love to see a good cheese market there.

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  1. Where was it? On Pondfield or Kraft or Park or Palmer or Parkway???

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      Pondefield between Park and Tanglewylde.

    2. Finally something we could use!!

      1. Did it say "cheese store" or was there just a picture of a mouse? It sounds like it could be anything.

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          Nah, I was also luckily enough to hear the owner talking about it — should've asked for details… but yes, very useful.

        2. A cheese store would be nice, although I don't know if the town could support it. A very nice cheese store was there in Bronxville in the 80's but went out of business after a few years. It was on the corner near where CVS is. They were my first experience with fine cheese and pate. At the time I worked at the wine shop down the street and we would all chip in and get an assortment for lunch a few times a week. Although the A&P does a pretty good job with their cheese selection.

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            JMF, I have a similar fear. The problem in Bronxville is that, despite its restaurants, I would not describe it as a foodie town, filled as it is with social X rays who really don't care what they eat as long as it doesn't have calories! If the cheese store could draw from other parts of lower Westchester, that would help, but then the problem in B'ville is always the parking...

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              A&P is not bad, but they do not have Valdeon. Can't believe that stuff was easier to get in Pennsylvania.

            2. Apparently this will be in the empty storefront next to Continentale Hair Salon. I'm glad that it's not going into the Scarborough Fair storefront, which would be too big for this town and bound to fail. A smaller shop, near to the parking lot, makes this a much better site for a cheese store.

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                Well, I think Bronxville is a better locale than Dobbs Ferry. There was a small cheese store there which failed. I work in Dobbs Ferry and even I couldn't manage to get there because of the terrible parking situation. I always wanted to get there AFTER work but it was impossible (and I didn't want to leave a stinky cheese in the work fridge...true I could have walked, but our office is by the railroad tracks and it is a long walk up a steep hill).

                So to reiterate, Bronxville is MUCH better.

              2. So did it ever open? I drove past where it was supposed to be but never noticed it.

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                  Earlier this week I saw a sign in the window that said grand opening was today.

                2. I went to the opening amazing response it was a 30 minute wait So I left & went back after 3 they ran out of the good Scottish Irish & English cheddars. The Owner is a rather cute Scotch lad who has a grand smile & a way with people atmosphere & cheese were all great as was the bread. Animals certainly drew Families with young children who also appeared to be purchasing. I hope they do well it is a rather attractive understated store just right for Bxville.

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                    Do you know if they have any Spanish cheeses (or is it all British Isles Scotland etc....not that there's anything wrong with that)? Do you think they will be open on Wednesday Veterans Day? I would really like to check it out since I can walk there.

                    1. re: jcmods

                      Well, I guess I can answer my own question. Yes it is open on Veterans Day and yes they have Valdeon. I was a little afraid to go inside because it looked like it was oriented toward bread and gift baskets. But we persevered and were rewarded.

                      Actually we got to try a good number of things including Manchego, Parmesan and Montenebro (sp) and Mahon (cheddary but strong). We ended up buying Valdeon, and Montenebro. We also got a small oil can of drizzling olive oil from spain.

                      Lotsa repeat customers in there already. I heard a woman exclaim "Now I know what Emmanthaler tastes like!!" Really nice people from Scotland. Will definitely return.

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                        And they carry burrata cheese. The woman in front of my mom bought the last one. I forgot what we got but both were delicious with a bottle of Persecco that my mom bought there as well. I think they were doing a pairing/tasting this past Saturday.

                  2. It's Fantastic!!!! Finally a true quality cheese store that rivals Murray's in Manhattan! Excellent quality, friendly owners, a true find!