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Aug 22, 2009 07:43 AM

Williams Farm Corn Deerfield MA

My wife who grew up in Greenfield MA in the sixties always raved about the sweet corn from Williams farm. Last week while driving through Deerfield to visit a nephew we past the Williams corn stand. We brought a half dozen back to Brookline and it was everything my wife said it was, wonderful,delicious and unlike any other corn I've had. Even the next day it was still better than any other.

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  1. You're right; it's fantastic corn. I buy it every summer. I live in Greenfield and they sell it at Foster's Supermarket and it's delivered fresh every day. Anyone traveling through this area should definitely buy some.

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      yes, they also sell it at ceisluk's farm stand in deerfield on route 5, up by deerfield academy. it's my fave in the valley, although J&J in hadley used to e pretty good too.

      1. re: fatheryod

        I'm driving past there on I-91 this Friday and I will be looking for corn. Can someone provide a street address?

        EDIT - Nevermind, it's easily found on Google

        1. re: fatheryod

          Love that corn. We drive about 45 minutes from Central MA to Ceisluks to get corn there!