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Aug 22, 2009 07:17 AM

Mexican on St. Clair near Vaughn?

For years we've heard from various people that there is a fantastic Mexican place on St Clair near Vaughn/Bathurst... We'd love to go tonight but have no idea what it is called or where exactly it is.... soooo... anyone out there think they know the place I am talking about?

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  1. I am thinking it might be El Rincon that I found a link to on another discussion thread.... any guidance?

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    1. re: ljtee

      I tried El Rincon a couple of weeks ago and it was great -- not fine dining or anything "fantastic" but it depends on what you are looking for -- the food was really good and ingredients were fresh. I will definitely try it again. I had the veggie tacos (I know not very inspired) and guacamole to start. It was a Tuesday and the place was about half full so I think people keep going back.

    2. Fantastic is a bit of a stretch. The backyard patio's the best part.

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        Is there another place near that location that is better?

      2. Rebozo's isn't too far from that area but not on St. Clair.

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          Rebezos is the only great Mexican place in that area that I know of, but it's a ways from St. Clair and Vaughn.

          By the way, I bought a kilo of carnitas from them recently and they were fantastic. Both my small-town Anglo-Canadian mother who is highly suspicious of new food and my Mexican SO loved them. Such is the magic of carnitas.