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Aug 22, 2009 06:44 AM

What's Good In & Around Homestead and North?

We'll be doing the Spice Park/Fairchild/plant nursery trip in a few weeks. 2 adults, no kids. Probably have 2-3 nights (driving from Sarasota) and have no plans on where to stay so we're open to anything. Like Cuban, Thai, Ethiopian, Italian, you name it really (plain meat and potatoes, not so much Hehehe)

Oh, and we're saving the Keys for another trip, so Homestead will be about it south-wise. AND we're home winemakers so anything like that will be a perk for us!


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    1. re: OH2FL

      You might be interested in Schnebly winery. Story I heard was that in order to get a winery license they were required to use locally produced fruit. I don't even think they do a grape wine, but I've had the mango and passion fruit and both were very good. They do winery tours and tastings.

      30205 SW 217 Avenue Homestead

      1. re: Shooz

        Homestead is know for outstanding Mexican food thanks to it's large Mexican-American populus. El Toro Taco on Krome Ave. has reasonably good and is very popular because you can bring in your own cooler and party hardy. Nica-Mex is about 100 yards away (right behind the bandshell that's located on Krome) and it's a nice little place where the local gentry eats and it's quite good there. Their tostadas are to die for. Rosita's in Florida City is about 5 minutes away and it's also a local-yokel Mexican establishment that serves traditional Mexican fare and some seafood dishes. Everyone has a favorite depending on their own individual taste. I like them all but for me it's Nica Mex, Rositas and El Toro in that order.

        The Capri on Krome Ave. in Florida City is a reliable stop. Food isn't necessarily great very good and consistently so for the past 50+ years. They serve both italian and continental cuisine. You will eat well at The Capri with no gamble.

        Yes, the winery tours at Schnebly are worthwhile. They produce some very interesting and tasty wines there. Robert Is Here fruit stand on SW 344 Street and 192nd Ave. is a fun place to visit. It's owned by Robert "Is Here" Moehling and besides the vast array of fruit and veggie they sell they also make incredible fruit milkshakes and the Key Lime shake is awesome! They also have some Galapagos tortoises on site to check out. While you're down that way, visit the Everglades Alligator Farm!


        1. re: LargeLife

          I second El Toro Taco. Part of the draw is that you can bring your own cooler and most times they have some kind of live music. You must try the queso. It's my favorite thing there!

          1. re: CharliesMama

            Toro Taco is overrated. Actually, it's just bad. Mexican food in Homestead vs. other areas with Mexican populations is pretty poor.

            Recommend Robert is Here just for the kitsch.

    2. I don't get down that way often, but I have friends who are fans of Cooper's around 167th & US1.

      Not quite as far south, I've always like Captain's Tavern for an old-school seafood place with a surprisingly good and reasonably priced wine list.

      1. Just realized you said you were doing Fairchild - that's actually in the Gables. You've got lots of choices in the Gables - check out some of the other posts for suggestions. You're probably better off staying nearer to the Gables/South Miami and driving down to the fruit and spice park and having just a lunch or dinner at one of the mexican places there. (And getting a milkshake at Robrt i sHere before driving back)

        1. Thanks y'all! I do believe we'll stay in CG and go from there armed w/this list.