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Aug 22, 2009 06:09 AM

Further to my previous post (thanks so much for all the recs!) - Going to Noca 1st night we are in Scottsdale, Need a rec near W Scottsdale. Also Bday Suggestions for Sedona?

Just want to start off by thanking everyone for their recommendations, Really appreciate it.

We decided to go to Noca our 1st (of two) nights in Scottsdale.
We are staying at the W Scottsdale and wanted to find somewhere closeby for our 2nd night (lots of driving otherwise).

Any recs? I know Cowboy Ciao, Roaring Fork are closeby but it seems the reviews are hit and miss for those places. Some say Cowboy Ciao is a tourist trap.

Otherwise, I was thinking of making the 6 mile trek to Razz's. Thoughts?

Also, Going to be celebrating my Birthday while in Sedona (we're actually staying in Oak Creek). Want to have a romantic dinner with my boyfriend. Any recommendations for that type of place? We are going to go to Dahl & Deluca another night so something other than there.

Thanks all!

p.s. we love all types of food, so feel free to recommend anything great.

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  1. For romance in Sedona it's hard to beat L' Auberge. I haven't been for dinner in years, but a drink by the creek is wonderful, the dining room is beautiful and the food was always wonderful. (Others "moire current" can advise about the food now.)

    1. Better check with Razz, I believe they are closed for the summer, not sure when he reopens.

      Best Steak Frite that I have found in the western US is at Zinc Bistro at Kierland Commons.

      1. Some ideas within walking distance of the W:

        Digestif -- small market-to-table restaurant run by acclaimed chef.
        Metro Brasserie -- name is pretty self-explanatory. Casual French.
        Petite Maison -- opening for business tomorrow. New restaurant from locally acclaimed chef. This one is really close to the W.

        1. Hmm...I'm at a loss as to where and why you heard Cowboy Ciao is a "tourist trap." I've certainly never seen it referred to as that, and am not sure what could possibly warrant it. The food is great and, other than a small handful of people, most on this board who discuss it seem to like it a lot. I wouldn't think twice about going there. People here don't generally make a habit of recommending tourist traps with mediocre food ; )

          Otherwise, SB made some great recommendations. I'd also think about The Mission, or Los Sombreros (if not going to Elote Cafe while in Sedona).

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            I was surprised by that comment as well. Cowboy Ciao is a wonderful restaurant and most tourists have never heard of it. If someone wants to see a tourist trap, Rustler's Roost will certainly foot the bill quite nicely.

            1. re: crsin

              My best guess is it's the same people who hear Noca isn't everything it's cracked up to be, which is to say a whole mess of people who are just plain out of their gourds.

            2. I love both Cowboy Ciao and Digestif. Kaz is also great to hang out and split a bottle after dinner--jazz nights are my personal favorite. I've had some pretty good breakfasts at the Daily Dose, though service can be pretty spotty. Italian Grotto is pretty decent, and if you're there when the owner is in the dining room (more than likely), you'll be sure to get some sort of show. A little farther south is Frasher's, which I don't see getting much play around here but I'm a fan. Chelsea's Kitchen is a little farther west, but the patio is great at night with the weather cooling down ever so slightly (not sure when your trip is). I've been meaning to try The Mission but haven't convinced my boyfriend yet. Carlsbad Tavern also isn't too too far from where you guys are staying.