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Aug 22, 2009 06:07 AM

da/ba, hudson

went there last night for the first time, and was quite impressed.

the food is swedish-influenced. the amuse bouche was old man's (mix?), herring, roe? and something else with dill on top of a swedish cracker. the swedish crackers were the only thing i didn't care about for the evening, but were (i believe) authentic. so it's my taste buds. and they were offered during the meal ,with some sea-salt butter. but the fish was yum...

appetizer, i had a special - a peppered tuna, beautifully rare, which was served with a seaweed, some spicy sauce, and an ultra-thin special cooked potato chip. i was quite happy with it, tuna was red throughout. i almost got the elk carpaccio, but this was really good.

for main course, i had a mahi-mahi which was served in a bowl with a liquid wasabi and sweet soy sauce; along with that was an apple onion spring roll. the flavors went well, mahi-mahi absorbed the flavors of the sauces; the wasabi was a very gentle kick ,and the soy sauce was much lighter than most i've tasted. the onion was MUCH more prevalent than the apple, but it didn't take away from the roll being tasty. i debated the filet mignon (with blueberry vodka sauce and pepper foam!) but figured the steak would be too much with what i was planning for dessert.

dessert, i had chocolate indulgence; four small chocolate dishes. one was a chocolate bavaroise (like a cake) with raspberry syrup on top, one was a white chocolate sorbet, one was a dark chocolate gel (like a fancy chocolate pudding) and one was a liquid lemon dish with the white chocolate sorbet in the center. i got it with a wagner's ice wine, and this was one of my favorite all-time dessert dishes. amazing.

oh, my drink was a cherry pie martini; vanilla vodka, cherry puree.

all in all, i was quite impressed by the place. it's pricy for the area (my bill before tax/tip was $71; app, entree, dessert, 2 drinks - so if that's a detracting feature, don't go), although they do offer burgers at i think $7? and i wasn't complaining about the price, just pointing it out.

i suspect it is targeted for the nyc folk who get off amtrak a few blocks away, but i loved the flavors and such. nyc-folk won't think it's amazing (after all, they've got aquavit!) but it's a gem up here.

oh, website:

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  1. Where in Hudson? Warren St or off on a side street. Haven't noticed it in recent drives through the village.

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    1. thanks for the report cuz lives in hudson, and i'd like to try some more restaurants there. i feel like all those places are targeted for the NYC crowd tho; just look at the menus! i do love the town more and more though when i go up, as i am partial to ulster county, but columbia's just as nice (and you get an awesome view of the catskills!). we went to ca'mea about a month ago, and it was excellent; have you been?

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        i live about an hour from hudson, so i don't get up there very much. if we can work out something with our babysitter to come earlier, my wife and i might go there this weekend; i'm sure she'd like parts of it. haven't been to ca'mea, but i think that the real good italian places closer to me (ie. il barilotto / aroma osteria) are similar, so that i wouldn't make that trip just for that. i'd guess mercato (red hook) would also go in that group.

        yes, it def. is targeted for nyc crowd. i like that in some places, where the food is *good*, i can deal with the prices. if it's just in a nicer-looking place, that does nothing for me. but they do a little bit extra with the food, and i appreciate that.

        but then again, i just got food for my family from big w's, and that's NOT high end at all. but it's damn tasty, and in this case, it actually makes multiple meals...

        1. re: bob gaj

          ive only been to ca'mea once, but all i know is the seafood crepes i had in a bechamel sauce were divine, if a bit heavy, but i hardly ever eat that stuff. they also make their own pastas, but i'm sure though that those places by you make their own as well, so it may not be too different than your local spots. i do love baba louie's pizza though ill tell you that! i can scarf one of those pizzas down in minutes if i'm really hungry! and big w's sounds good although i only had his bbq once, but i remember it being good. i was just psyched to be eating roadfood, cuz there's just something about eating on the side of the road! and you have to think about cost these days that's for sure...

      2. Thanks for the report, Bob. Though I have recommended da/ba several times on this board, I have never written a detailed report. I've had a couple of great dinners there. It is a bit pricey, but these days you won't find New York-quality food at less than New York prices. Swoon is another example of this. Expensive but worth it. Don't make a special trip to Hudson for Ca'Mea. Though quite good, I don't think it measures up to Mercato. We make the 30 minute drive to Red Hook for Mercato, which I feel is worth going out of the way for.