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Aug 22, 2009 06:03 AM

Cooking class for couples?

I'm looking for a one-time cooking class for couples to give to my husband as a bday gift. We took one couples' class at ICE and enjoyed it but none of their current class offerings (sushi for couples, garlic for couples, superbowl party, etc) are particularly appealing to us. Any suggestions of where else I should look? Thanks!

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  1. I teach Japanese cooking to adults and children in Upper West Side. My classes are very small (up to 6 people) to make sure all my clients receive enough attention. Classes are usually 3 hours long and offered during the weekdays as well as weekends. I teach all levels of Japanese cooking. The basic skills such as making "dashi" from dried bonito flakes to more sophisticated skills such as making sashimi from the whole fish. If you're interested, please email me at

    1. check out Miette in Greenwich Village. The bf and I had so much fun and met really nice people/couples.

      1. I am looking for a couples cooking class as well, but something that is a little more fun, like BYOB and not too structured. We are both not great cooks, so something a bit easier


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          Many cooking classes shy away from booze during the class as you can imagine why with all the knives and hot burners and such. We just did a class at ICE called Asian Surf and Turf which was excellent. After all the cooking was done out came the sake and asian beers.

        2. My wife and I took two classes at Astor Center, and enjoyed them. But be careful! If you are buying as a gift make sure you can use the certificate for any class they offer. There is a difference between Astor Center classes and the ones offered by the CIA. I found this out the hard way.

          1. I did a class at the Social Table


            It is awesome. BYOB, lots of differnt offerings, the owner/instructer is really cool and fun. It is way more intimate and hands on then the big spots. I gave to to a friend as a wedding gift and all 4 of us had an absolute blast.

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              Ditto the Social Table...she's wonderful. I went to my first class a few weeks ago, and wanted to take a client next week - but her class sold out in 12 minutes! Book early!

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                does anyone know how often she adds classes? i tried signing up for 2 people but everything on the calendar is completely sold out. Through early Feb.