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Aug 22, 2009 05:53 AM

Fun outting with many plates?

I hope people will enjoy this query.

The four adults in my household would like to go out to a meal that involves a numerous dishes.

For example there is a Korean restaurant in a distant city we enjoy where about fifteen assorted pickles and such show up early in the meal. Or possibly we are looking for a tapas or dim sum experience.

But wait! we are also cheapskates, or more accurately we don't tend to think you enough additional value to make it worth doubling what you spend.

We probably won't be having any liquor. A slower rather than faster meal is probably what we are seeking. This expodition might happen this evening or on Monday.

So? Any fun suggestions.

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  1. Winsor Dim Sum Cafe in Chinatown: small restaurant, no carts, all dim sum orders cooked to order, all dim sum is $2.75 each. With the construction on the street it is a little tricky to find but it is across the street from China Pearl and it is upstairs, just a couple of doors down from Peach Farm.

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    1. Does this have to be in a restaurant? Because $50 (or less, even) well spent at the Middle Eastern groceries in Watertown will get you more than enough, with all the flavor variety you could ask for. Plus, the shopping would be part of the fun. Start with the excellent baba ganoush from Massis and go from there...

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        curious you should mention that, just finished making a vast batch of humus ;)

      2. It has been suggested that we go to the Sichuan place in Medford Center and order all the Sichuan appetizers on the menu :).

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          You'd find more flavor overlap than you might want (not a knock, just an observation, and not particular to this restaurant). I like the shopping in Watertown idea. Or one of the Russian markets in Allston/Brighton? The food court at Super88 in Allston?

        2. I often dine this way. Here are a few places I like that have small plates as an option, sometimes only at the bar: Sage, dante, Damiano, Da Vinci, Taberna de Haro, Estragon, Toro, Gitlo, Ronnarong, The Butcher Shop, Oleana, Masa, Green Street, Via Matta (enoteca menu), Myers + Chang, Hungry Mother.

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            yum, i sense a project coming on :)

          2. we ended up going to the excellent Sichuan place in Medford Center and having many appetizers.