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HELP! Vegetarian Visiting for 4 days

Hey all!
I am planning a surprise trip to NYC for my husband on his birthday. We will be there Monday through Thursday.
We are vegetarian who do dairy but no eggs. I would prefer all vegetarian places instead of trying veggie options. I did do a search and looked at old threads but nothing concrete came up.
I would appreciate some help here, as this is getting a bit overwelming.
I did pick up tips on the veggie falafal place, tiffinwala, zen burger and the candle cafe.
We are looking to keep costs in the mid range-not fine dinning but something clean and wholesome.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sacred Chow on Sullivan St. off W. 3rd. in the Village is a favorite even among my omnivore friends. Lower than mid-range, good beer available, pleasant and low key. Root vegetable latkes with date butter, yes!

    1. Here are the places I have in my spreadsheet, culled from other threads and personal experience:

      atlas cafe - *tiny* lunch spot; vegan donuts on tuesday/wednesday
      blossom - higher-end in chelsea
      curly's lunch - great comfort food; around 14th and second ave
      gobo - upper east side. haven't been.
      hangawi - voted best vegetarian in zagat's 2009
      kate's joint - very casual comfort food in lower east side
      pure food & wine - higher-end
      red bamboo / vegetarian paradise 2 - casual; great fake meat stuff. don't miss crispy chicken
      wild ginger - pan-asian vegetarian on the edge of soho
      zen palate - some love it; some hate it. i think it's usually bland.

      oh and i've never had a good experience at candle, though some like it a lot.

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        Mana on Amsterdam at 92nd, especially for brunch. Great pancakes, also like their yuba rolls and macro plate.

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          Thanks! You made my day...Curlys website had me drooling-this is EXACTLY the sort of place I was looking for. We are going to be on Murray Hill Pkwy, East Rutherford, NJ ...and then drive(rental car) to the city and see our points of interest. I cant wait to check out some of the other places you have reccomended!

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            Thanks! You made my day...Curlys website had me drooling-this is EXACTLY the sort of place I was looking for. We are going to be on Murray Hill Pkwy, East Rutherford, NJ ...and then drive(rental car) to the city and see our points of interest. I cant wait to check out some of the other places you have reccomended!

          2. Dirt Candy. You will love it. Reserve on opentable. It's a tiny place in the East Village with an intimate atmosphere and delicious food. Consider it for the actual birthday.

            Pure Food and Wine is a raw restaurant and quite pricey. that said, its "lasagna" is one of the most delicious dishes I've had in New York (and I'm an omnivore) If you just want to try that dish, Pure Food runs a takeaway called Pure Food To Go (I think) that features the lasagna. It also has drinks and some of their delicious desserts.

            Try Angelika's Kitchen in the East Village as well - very clean and tasty veggie food in a casual but comfortable environment.

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              ummm..I was looking at Dirt Candy too...but the husband is a very wholesome eater he doesnt really fancy delicate fine dinning foods (he is always hungry after...lol) so more comfort food kind....anybody have a take on the vegan falafal place? I forget the name now....hole in the wall they said...

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                  Last spring my husband and I - both vegetarians - visited NYC for four days and planned to do vegetarian comfort food pretty much the entire time. We were so.freaking.sick of comfort food by the end of those four days. Plan on doing something like Dirt Candy near the end of your trip and you won't be disappointed.

              1. Peacefood Cafe on the Upper West Side.

                1. Hummus Place in the East Village is pleasant, very cheap, and their food is delicious. Request no hard boiled egg and you'll be fine. Their felafel is excellent, served as a side dish, not a sandwich.

                  1. Vegetarian Dim Sum House on 24 Pell St. in Chinatown is delicious and reasonable. My favorites are their pea shoot dumplings, coriander and mock ham rice roll, and fried turnip cakes.
                    Around the corner on 5 Mott is Buddha Bodhai. Their house congee is delicious. Also might want to try their mock bbq, fluffy turnip pastry, and watercress dumplings. Their dim sum is reasonable, but their entrees are more pricey. Still, all quite delicious.
                    If you are near Korean town late or with meat eating friends, Woo Chon on 10 W. 36 street offers some very nice vegetarian options. I just ate there two nights ago and am already to go back for more of their shitake mushroom dumplings and their japchae. . . They open until 2 AM.

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                      Vegetarian Dim Sum House -sounds like a great lunch spot! Is parking a hassle near these places?

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                        parking is a hassle everywhere in manhattan, and even more so in places like chnatown

                        i know its been mentioned above, but hangawi in koreatown sounds liek tis up your hubby's a;;ey

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                          Taim Falafel-THATS the place I was trying to remember....getting a sketch idea of our meal planning....changed hotels now...we are staying in rahway,nj and driving into the city everyday!

                      1. I know you had mentioned wanting to stick to all-veg places, but most of the best vegetarian things I've eaten since moving to NYC have shared a menu with meat.

                        Banh Mi So 1 on Broome makes 3 or 4 different vegan Vietnamese subs - several have "chicken" (seitan) - way better than the subs at the all-vegan Lan Vietnamese.

                        The veggie burgers at Shake Shack and Cowgirl Seahorse are head and shoulders above the ones at Quantum Leap, Kate's Joint, and Curly's.

                        You can get any of the arepas at Caracas Arepa Bar with tofu instead of meat. I don't know if there's even a vegetarian restaurant that serves arepas, but I can guarantee they wouldn't be as good.

                        As I mentioned in another post on this thread, I did the all-vegetarian, all-comfort food tour of Manhattan last year before we moved here (with emphasis on Kate's, Curly's, and Red Bamboo) and we ate a lot of mediocre food. The two times we do still go to all-veg restaurants are 1) dim sum, because the typical dim sum place is not vegetarian friendly and 2) southern Indian, but that's a function of southern Indian being vegetarian anyway.

                        1. Hi, enjoy your trip. If it isn't too late, I suggest Hummus Kitchen on 9th Avenue (I think it is between 52nd and 53rd). They are kosher and vegetarian and in addition to tasty hummus, they offer excellent mazze dishes. Falafel is to die for.

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                            Thanks rutgers2! Looks like hummus kitchen is purfect too! So between them and Taim -which do you prefer?
                            Also I was wondering if Zen Burgers are any good? I know they are only veggie and an all veggie burger place sounds like a dream-any good as in is it a worthwhile fast food pit stop? Cheers!

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                              Is Zen Burger related to Zen Palatte? I've always hated Zen Palatte (and I'm a vegetarian).

                              My opinion on the best veggie "burger" in Manhattan is the offering at Shake Shack - the 'Shroom Burger. But although it's vegetarian, it's decidedly unhealthy.

                          2. i'm not a vegetarian and love meat but i was dragged by my vegetarian friend to Pure and i actually really enjoyed the food. I heard pukk and 'snice were good too.