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Aug 21, 2009 08:48 PM

Al di La lunch after the Dumbo flea market

We are coming from SF and want to hit the DUMBO flea market on Sunday am. We also would love to have a meal at Al di La. Does it make sense to venture from DUMBO post market to Park Slope for lunch? Is the wait excessive at certain hours for a table at Al di La?
What time is best to go since they seem to serve continuously from 1-9 pm on Sundays?
How do we best travel from DUMBO to Park Slope?

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  1. you will, indeed, wait in line.

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    1. re: shaogo

      I've never seen a line at lunch. In fact I walked past there last weekend during the lunch period and it was almost empty. I am not sure of the exact lunch hours on Sunday, but they definitely do serve--you should phone them to see if its continuous.

    2. You can take the F train from Dumbo to Park Slope. It'll be a short-ish walk from the 4th ave stop, but you can stroll down 5th and get a little flavor of the neighborhood.

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        Or stroll down Henry St through Bklyn Heights to the corner of Atlantic Avenue and grab the B63 bus headed SE, which will take you up to and along Fifth Avenue and Carroll St.

      2. I have a similar question for July 2010. Where exactly is the DUMBO flea market? I only see info for a winter market and don't know if the DUMBO mkt is related to the Fort Greene market at 176 Lafayette Ave or the other one at 194 20th St. bet 4th & 5th Ave. Would the one bet. 4th & 5th be close to the main Park Slope drag? (I'm from Boston and not so familiar w/ Brooklyn.) Is there lots of interesting food at the markets or what would you suggest for a fun lunch or brunch of any type on a Sat. afternoon? Will be having a major dinner later that nite so nothing expensive. Thanks.

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          There is no more DUMBO Flea market, unfortunately. If you are coming on a Saturday, the flea market is at 176 Lafayette in Fort Greene; on Sunday it is indoors at One Hanson Place in what used to be the Williamsburg Savings Bank building--the tallest building in Brooklyn. You can get all the info you need at There's good snacking food at both markets, including lobster rolls, great authentic mexican huraches and quesadillas, Salvadorian pupusas, and much more (see current list on the afore-mentioned website). The one in the bank building is closer to the Park Slope area--within walking distance--the other one, not so much, you'd need to take a bus or train. But there is plenty of fun food at the flea--we often go just to eat! Personally I prefer the Fort Green location, as its outdoors, but the bank building is cool (both literally and figuratively.)

          1. re: jinx

            by the way, although I have never been to the one you refer to at 194 20th Street, I believe that's more of a junk market (new stuff) and as far as I know, no food stalls. This isn't the one you want.

            1. re: jinx

              Thanks for the info. Sometimes newer is okay since I won't be bringing back any cool furniture on the bus but could bring back a cheap new belt. Do you have a suggestion of where to eat outside of either market if you were forgoing the food stalls? We'll definitely be there on a Sat. so the Hanson Place one is out. Thanks.

              1. re: Joanie

                I dont think the 20th St market (sorta stole the name) is anything worth visiting . Anyway, Ive driven by on several Sundays and nothing was doing.. the Brooklyn flea is more of a hip marketplace, with some food vendors, than a traditional flea market (old furniture, etc) altho there is some of that too

                1. re: jen kalb

                  I'm still researching this stuff for this weekend and the Brooklyn Flea Mkt at 194 20th St. ( says it's Sat., so maybe why you didn't seen anything on Sun.? It looks like there might be interesting stuff from the web site but not sure. And still curious if there's a good place to get a bite besides a food cart at the market for a relaxing light lunch/snack/drink in the area. Thanks.

                  1. re: Joanie

                    I am pretty sure I have gone by both days. All the buzz in the area is about the two Brooklyn Fleas, not this unrelated site. Im wiling to be proved wrong and will cruise by next Saturday..

                    Brooklyn Flea
                    176 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

                    1. re: jen kalb

                      The 20th St. flea market is still there but barely. No food other than hot dogs and about 5 or 6 vendors. Too bad as it had potential to be an unpretentious market with real local food including Nablus Sweets in Bay Ridge. I heard from a woman at the Park Slope flea that they charge $10-15 more for vendor space at 20th St. which is why no one wants to sell there. Silly. (If you do find something there though it will be dirt cheap. I did. :))

                      Nablus Sweets
                      6812 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220