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Where can I get a great brownie?

A great brownie is: very chocolatey, dense, nutless, not necessarily chewy but IN NO WAY CAKELIKE, buttery, moist.

Where oh where?


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  1. Whole Foods. Be sure to get the ones with the ganache. The ones without it look and taste just like regular brownies (nothing special). The ones with ganache also come in a mint (yum) and cappuccino version, but I prefer the plain old fudge. I defy you to find a more chocolatey, dense, moist brownie!

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      I have to second this. The plain ganache ones are pretty much the best brownies out there besides making them yourself.

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        I'm skeptical: if it needs ganache to be good, it's not a great brownie.

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          Actually, if you peel the ganache off, the brownie is still awesome! But ganache makes everything better. ;) And oddly enough, the plain brownies they sell are not the same recipe at all. Not good.

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          WFM's brownies with ganache are like a drug. I can't not eat one in one sitting!


        3. Sounds a bit odd, but my favorite brownie is actually the Soho Glob cookie from various Rosie's locations.

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            again a bit odd but Rosies "Chocolate Orgasm" is a great take on a brownie

            1. Quebrada Bakery sells "Emily's Brownies"- very yummy as you describe.

              1. Ula Cafe in JP makes a very dense, rich brownie. Delicious, and not overly sweet.

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                  I second the Chocolate Orgasm Brownie at Rosies. PMS fixer.

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                      i have to agree with you StriperGuy - those cookies are the best!!!

                2. Go to Trader Joe's and buy the Truffle Brownie box mix. You add eggs and a stick of melted butter and bake. They are the best brownies I have ever had. Ever. And I'm a very picky chocoholic.

                  1. Ina Garten's recipe for "Outrageous Brownies" from her first book and on the FoodNetwork site are the best brownies I've ever made or eaten. Highly recommended.

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                      Or in Back to Basics, try the Brownie Pudding. Like warm underbaked brownies, but lighter in texture. SO good!


                    2. The most amazing brownie I ever tasted was from the Fire Fly an American Bistro across from the Back Bay T-station. You could order them on-line as well. Problem is, I'm not sure this restaurant still exists?

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                        Fire Fly is still open, but I always assumed that this place was not so chow-worthy thinking that it only survived on the lunch crowds and after-work drinking. This brownie news is interesting. Anything else there worth the trip? (I live around the corner, so it's hardly a trip. But should I invest a night's dinner here?

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                          It's been awhile, but the day I went it was busy we ended up at this tiny bar in the back. The bartender was great and gave us a sample of the brownies. They were incredible, and I'm not someone who is geared towards sweets. The brownies were so popular they offered them on-line which I assume they still do. I just had appetizers and didn't plan on staying but we lingered for awhile. Since my experience isn't recent, maybe someone else will chime in, but I say go for a nice glass of wine and appetizers and 6 brownies!

                      2. Flour bakery's belgian chocolate brownies are quite decadent. They're even too rich for my blood, but there's no disputing the high quality of the chocolate and the dense texture. (I personally prefer a chewier, less fudgy brownie, but if you like dense you will like these.)

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                          I'd have to second Flour. They are ridiculous dense and perhaps a little too rich but a good treat to split with someone!

                        2. Verrill Farm in Concord makes a great brownie. Dense and fudgy with an almost crispy top.

                          1. I saw a fabulous hunk of brownie at the farmer's market in Brookline. Mr CookieLee bought the raspberry pie instead. What was HE thinkin' ?? I'm planning to buy the brownie this week!

                            1. I love the chocolate earthquake cookies at Sofra and consider them better than most bakery brownies that I can remember.

                              1. Agree with Whole Foods. Their Peppermint Brownie is off the hook!