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Aug 21, 2009 06:40 PM

Molly Ringwald at Upstairs

Upstairs has this great cocktail -- the Molly Ringwald (gin, fresh grapefruit juice + elderflower) -- supposedly in the running for a "best of" in some national contest. Only problem: they serve it in a plastic cocktail glass! [Plastic!]

P.S. RW was fantastic. The mini lobster roll with the most perfectly crunchy + vinegary coleslaw was TDF (to die for). (So, worth the $10 supplement.) The corn three ways included an amazing corn chowder. And, of is always worth splurging for a 4th course cheese plate. Yum! One cheese was more perfect than butter on bread.

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  1. I wonder If John Hughes' death is inspiring a number of related cocktail names. The cocktail columnist for the Washington Post calls his take on a best forgotten shot by the same name:

    1. Plastic!? Were you at one of the outside tables, I hope?

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        We were upstairs. Yep, it would have (maybe) been ok outside but not upstairs. We went to clink our glasses to toast the start of a special weekend and nothing. Nothing.

        [It didn't ruin the wonderful dinner but I will hesitate before ordering a cocktail there again...}