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Aug 21, 2009 05:18 PM

Best Soft Serve Ice Cream in Long Island

Been heading over to Lido Beach after Jones Beach this summer and enjoying Marvel soft ice cream. Fresh tasting, and light. Who else has great soft serve in Long Island? I really like the gelato from Baci also in Rosyln.

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  1. You tried the best, now try the rest. I don't thing anybody beats Marvel. I still like Carvel, though. It seems some spots put more air in the mix than others. I like the location in East Williston on Hillside Ave.

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    1. re: newshound22

      That's in Williston Park, we don't have businesses in East Williston. I thought their soft serve was great, now I know someone else is saying that.

    2. Marshall's on Merrick Ave next to All American. I dont think I need to give any other details on location, etc. Check out the banana soft serve and get soem crushed peanuts, and a lbit of fudge inside the cone for a hand held banasplit-eque flavor explosion. Holy crap!

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      1. re: noketchupplease

        You threw me there for a moment (I was wondering, "there's an All American on Merrick Ave in Merrick?). Merrick Rd, not Ave.

        1. re: Scott_R

          oops :) merrick this, jerusalem that..its all the same after a while

      2. Snowflake in Riverhead is a top spot for hard ice cream, but I think it has THE best soft-serve on LI.

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        1. re: EZ Pass

          I was going to say Snowflake too, whether you're in the area or not.He told me the other day that it's 16% butterfat, and he adds local produce like strawberries and peaches when in season.

          1. re: coll

            Was there once a long time ago, and ate at the Mexican place next door, can't remember the name at the was good, but the place wasn't too clean.

              1. re: Scott_R

                16% for soft and 18% for hard. Haven't bought ice cream anywhere else in the last 10 years, luckily they're open all winter (except January, but I don't miss it then!) You just missed the Polish Festival Blackberry Brandy, so much brandy that it's almost like soft serve.

            1. re: EZ Pass

              I used to live on LI, and Snowflake was great ice cream., both hard & soft serve. The seasonal flavors are great.

            2. I hate when people do this, but I think it is worth it and the place could use the business - not on what is considered LI proper, but Timmy O's frozen custard in Corona, Queens (10 minutes from Nassau border) is the real deal. Had blueberry with pieces of pie crust mixed into it this past weekend - very very good. The toppings that they put on sundaes are not worth it.

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              1. re: jmax

                Like Timmy's alot, and try to go when I can. His Vanilla is very good, and Banana also. He's a helluva nice guy---he's make a killing in Forest Hills, or Astoria---but the rent just kills you in those areas.

              2. Like Marvels a lot. Coyles in Bay SHore is delicious