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Do you cook w/ beer?

I'm wondering how many different ways ya'll cook w/ good ol' beer. I use beer in beer battered fish and chips, beer pot roast w/ onions and breads. And you?

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  1. I use it in chili. I have yet to make beer bread, but that's on my list, too. And though I haven't made them, I've eaten them at a bar in Amherst, Mass.--beer-battered, deep-fried Oreos!

    Edit: Ohhhh! And Irish Car Bomb Cake--made with Guinness, the beer that drinks like a meal! And reuben soup!

    1. The beer goes in the food??????????????? I thought the beer goes in the cook <VBG>
      That's a novel idea......................

      BUT on a serious note, we use it in pot roast, and also hearty beef stew, and a half bottle (6oz) in beef barley soup.

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        Hey, I'm a new age sensitive guy. Both in the food and in me! Very tolerant.

      2. I use it in stew/chili/ beer batter anything, and have been known to pour a bit into sauteed onions and peppers to serve with italian sausage.

        My favorite easy beer batter is a cup of all in one pancake batter (like aunt jemima's), and a cup or so of beer.

          1. Brats in beer too.
            In Bolivia I had beer ice cream too. Honest.

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              Guinness ice cream is one of my favorite kinds.

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                  I make it, but sometimes I am tempted to just make a Guinness float with store bought ice cream instead. Which makes me wish I had some Guinness in the fridge right now.

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                  Is the recipe something you developed, or can it be found somewhere? I ask because I'm curious if it's purely Guinness or if there's chocolate or any other complementary flavor involved.

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                    I saw Emeril do it. Here's his recipe, which I've never actually followed:
                    I just use my basic ice cream recipe, which is the basic one that came with my ice cream maker with various alterations I've made over the years, and then add the Guinness reduction in the proportions he uses. Make sure to use Guinness Extra Stout; the kind in the can or in the widget bottles has too subtle a flavor to stand up to dairy.
                    I've tried it a bunch of different ways, and even the Extra Stout just doesn't stand up to chocolate or coffee in the ice cream. A syrup of either does pair well. It also works well with caramel or butterscotch sauce, but my favorite addition is a syrup made from Irish Mist and a little dark chocolate. Hazlenut is another complementary flavor, and warm spices also work really well, particularly cinnamon and cloves.

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                      All of these recipes that call for Guinness Extra Stout could most likely be improved by substituting a fuller-flavored, but not crazily so, oatmeal stout, such as Ipswitch (by Mercury Brewing Co.). Sadly, the Guinness has lost its zip off of the old fastball these days.

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                          Now that his show on the Green Network (?) -- Emeril Green -- is in HD, I have caught it a few times. He had a very good episode on cooking with beer.

                  2. My go-to batter for fish and shrimp stateside is Bass Ale, fine ground corn meal, and chipotle powder. In Mexico it's Negro Modelo, corn flour, and chiles de arbol in the molcajete.
                    I think you will hear from Johnsonville brat fans in the north-central states on this one.

                    1. I've got plenty of recipes that call for 13 ounces of beer. Chili, stew, pot roast, beer bread, etc. If you need to add a little more, the 14th ounce needs to come from a fresh bottle.

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                        Dammit, Alan, it's like the tunafish cans, yes? jk, jk!

                        Let's not forget beer cheese soup. My reuben soup is a variation on it, but straight up beer cheese soup is mighty tasty. As is Irish Car Bomb Cake. Slainte!

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                          Beer can chicken is definitely one of my favorites- I also throw some fresh rosemary and other herbs I have on hand.

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                            You know, I'm not a great griller, but I'm learning. Gotta try it.

                        2. Ive made no-knead bread with beer and I cannot make sauerkraut w/o a few bottles of beer.

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                            It takes me about 1 bottle per gallon of kraut (kapusta). Hic.

                          2. Hot dogs, saurkraut, and beer cooked on a wood burning stove.

                            1. I sometimes cook a pork chop or loin with stout. Brats, of course.
                              I will thin my chili with beer if it is at all bitter.
                              I seldom batter and fry. May try beer batter. It's been a while.

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                                  I saw a television show once on a place called Sunset Tavern or Grill located somewhere outside of Boston, I do not exactly recall.....the restaurant featured many beers and the chef of the restaurant utilized many of them incorporated into his menu. I remember he made Short Ribs braised in beer.....It looked so good I tried the recipe and it was indeed very stellar. As a result, I have also incorporated beer as a braising liquid for beef and pork for a change of pace.....and it's cheaper than wine.

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                                      I found a tasty short rib recipe that uses Guinness.

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                                        Guinnes? Irish mother's milk? Yum.

                                  1. Sure do ! One of my party staples is a cheese dip that is made with beer. In addition to beer breads, I've also made a couple of soups that called for beer in the recipe, and a rice dish too.

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                                      That cheese dip sounds yummy. Maybe it's time to start a parallel track over on Home Cooking to capture some of these recipes. If I kick it off, will all you beer lovers please join me?


                                      Cheers, Passa!

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                                        the cheese dip recipe is already posted on here somewhere, it's called "big bowl cheese dip"

                                    2. I do a shrimp boil with beer, lemon juice, mustard seed, garlic cloves, and a big hit of cayenne pepper.

                                      I also make a version of carnitas - pork chunks cooked slowly in a mixture of beer and orange juice, then reduced down. It's one of those things that smells so good while cooking that you tend to "taste" it way down.

                                      1. I use dark beer when I make Flemish beef stew/carbonnade. Recently, I also ate (but didn't make) a delicious Hoegaarden beer ice cream at a Belgian restaurant. :)

                                        1. Beer bread and beer pancakes. The beer pancakes, in particular, are REALLY GOOD!

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                                          1. I cook with beer a lot, and will sometimes use it any dish which needs liquid added.
                                            I mostly end up putting it in braises, sauces, and beans, but I recently discovered that a yeasty beer mixed up with miso makes an incredible poaching liquid for any white fish with aromatic vegetables.
                                            Reduced, any beer that is not bitter works great with a whole variety of desserts. Imperial stout/porter is pretty much the ultimate dessert beer. The sugars in them caramelize well, so they make a nice thick syrup that's great on anything from ice cream to apple pie. Even though they're one of the more full flavored beers, they work great for poaching pears without masking the pear flavor.
                                            I eat vegan for about two months of the year. I find that many beers make a great substitute for chicken stock during this period (or when I just run out of chicken stock at other points in the year). Onion soup made with a malty ale and miso almost makes me not miss meat. Almost.

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                                            1. Does baking count? Before I went gluten free, I made a really kick*ss chocolate Guinness cake. With cream cheese frosting or a ganache, it rocked.

                                              I also used to love that famous brisket recipe that made it into the Gourmet cookbook-- it's on Epicurious. You braise the brisket in beer with onions, bay leaves and ??, and let it sit in the liquid for a day or two before you eat it. Such divine comfort food.

                                                1. I like to make arroz con pollo with a bitter or lager. I can't remember the Spanish, but I think Alton Brown had a good recipe, maybe Cuban influenced... I can't find the recipe online, so maybe I've got the source wrong? At any rate, it's even more delicious with beer.

                                                  One time I made the mistake of using Blue Moon to make a chicken stew of some sort. The stew reeked of what I can only describe as overpowering artificial orange, gross. A girlfriend had told me how much she enjoyed it, and it was the most revolting concoction I'd ever had. I seriously reconsidered any food or drink recommendation from her at that point on. Just a whiff of that stuff makes me gag now!

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                                                    I make an arroz con pollo diablo, I'll try a lager next time.

                                                  2. I very often use it as the braising liquid for stews.
                                                    My favorite thing though is a pork chop or a thickly sliced pork butt, well seared, and then braised in beer with a healthy dose of Hungarian paprika, a little finely chopped onion and freshly ground black pepper...braised until the liquid is just about all gone. So tender and so tasty and glazed with the evaporated juices and the paprika essence. The end result is great between two slices of good rye bread too.

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                                                      I do a pork chop, cabbage, apple, and beer braise.

                                                    2. Stew duck or pot roast. german horsradish sauce. Ginger beer marmalade marinade.

                                                      1. Chili and lots of beer stews in the winter, and I bake with Guinness a lot. Gingerbread and chocolate-Guinness cupcakes! mmm!

                                                        1. I poach chicken in beer, and then pull it for chicken tacos. Normally for that Ill use a light beer- such as corona- with sauteed cilantro and red onions in the mix as well. Gives chicken a great flavor.

                                                          I always add a bottle of beer to meatloaf as well, and Ill often make a beer tomato sauce to go over meatloaf as opposed to ketchup

                                                          1. I use beer in the following dishes:

                                                            Beer batter for fish and veggies
                                                            Simmering bratwurst before grilling
                                                            A venison and root veggie stew with stout
                                                            Beer bread from Tastefully Simple (I know, I know, it's a mix but I think they put crack cocaine in it because we are addicted.)
                                                            Chicken-on-a-beer-can on the grill.

                                                            1. I'm not a big fan of beer-flavored food, but in the mid-70s I went to visit an old roommate on the Kenai peninsula, and she took me to this dreary old Denny's-type-'60s-decorated restaurant and ordered us some beer-battered king crab legs. Being from Arizona, I thought that beer-battering king crab legs was akin to dragging them down the street behind your car before you chow down, so starved for the taste was I. Well, those crab legs were perfectly cooked, and the best damn thing I'd had in ages, maybe ever. There were six big foot-long strips of them. Back in those days, any seafood that I could get in Arizona was to be as unadorned as possible. I had to go to seafood central to be able to appreciate beer-battered crab legs.

                                                              We went back twice the week I was there, and ate half for dinner and ate the rest for breakfast the next day. Life was good that week!

                                                              Since then I have appreciated beer-batter foods from time to time, but being not a big beer fan I don't' seek it out. Those crab legs, though, were something I'll never forget, they were that good.

                                                              1. I use an amber to braise a kraut, bacon & onion combination.

                                                                  1. I have a mexican bean recipe called Drunken Beans that I make from one of my cookbooks - has a bottle of Negro Modelo in it. Fabulous!

                                                                    1. I use it to steam clams - I prefer it to white wine for that.

                                                                      1. I mostly just use it in gravy, or stroganoff (which, well does contain gravy.....)

                                                                        This thread is making me want to branch out though :D

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                                                                            I used to do a fajita dish with beer in it till I accidentally served it to a friend who was Muslim (I knew but spaced on the no-alcohol rule). He was very gracious and said there was a "bye" if you didn't know you were imbibing but I just couldn't bring myself to make it again after that :-).