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Aug 21, 2009 05:04 PM

Winthrop, WA recommendations?

Any recommendations for good places to eat in or near Winthrop? Places where small children are welcome would be particularly appreciated.

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  1. Check out the Twisp River Pub. It's in Twisp, about a 10 minute drive from Winthrop, and is a kid-friendly joint (has a kids menu):

    1. Don't forget Sun Mountain Lodge! Also, the restaurant in Twisp that used to be the Fiddlehead is open under a new name, but the same owners.

      1. East 20 Pizza in Winthrop. Very kid friendly and the pizza changed my life. Would second the Twisp Pub and Sun Mountain. Arrowleaf Bistro is also very nice and welcomes kids. I would avoid at all costs the Duck Cantina. Really expensive, painfully slow service and sub Taco Time food.

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          E2P is the replacement for Fiddlehead mentioned by Jane917. I like it too.

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            I think Dbltap meant Duck Brand Cantina, but the description "sub Taco Time food" is very apt (with bonus points for humor). The menu concept was a half-baked Gringo-Mex/Southwest slate. The table "salsa" was tinged with what seemed to be liquid smoke or processed BBQ sauce, and was terrible. The guacamole seemed to come from a frozen tub. One draft beer I had was from a keg that had gone sour. The portions were excessively large and very badly cooked. One of the worst meals I've had this year.

            1. re: equinoise

              And they have such a sweet deck! The bad food (it's ALWAYS been bad) is such a shame.

          2. Grubstake & Co. right on the main street might be a good choice. It has outdoor seating that would let the kids watch the passersby and traffic. I don't recall much about the food, except that for lunch it was fine - soup, salad, sandwiches.

            It's easy to see on Google Maps streetview, though you want the location south of the turn on Riverside, not the mistake location to the north.

            1. I consider Hanks Grocery in Twisp a must stop in the area. They smoke their own ham and other cuts. About a year they remodeled and added the amenities you expect in a suburban grocery, including bakery and deli with seating. It appeared to be a popular lunch stop with the UPS drivers, deputies, and retired politicians.

              Twisp isn't as touristy was Winthrop, but is probably as busy in hunting season.