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Aug 21, 2009 05:00 PM

Best whole milk or goat's milk in Toronto?

Hi there,
I'm looking for the most delicious whole cow's milk or goat's milk for me and my baby who is starting dairy soon. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Cow's milk is a commodity and tightly controlled by the dairy cartel. Whole milk (homo, 3.25% bf) will be much the same whether from Sealtest or Neilson. Organic cow's milk is available, but twice as expensive and harder to find. I suggest you buy a liter of Sealtest or Neilson homo, and a liter of organic homo, and compare them to see which is better, or worth the price. Metro has both on the shelf.

    Goat's milk is not controlled by a cartel or marketing board, and you can find Hewitt's in 1 liter cartons in any Loblaw store.

    Cheesemakers in Ontario are now benefiting from goat's milk which is available when they want it, at market prices, unlike cow's milk, which is restricted and overpriced.
    That is why we are seeing more goat's milk in feta made in Ontario.

    Here is a link about organic milk spoilage issues:
    This is puzzling, but may have something to do with the processing of the milk, by small companies.

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      Actually, Organic Meadows whole milk has a higher percentage of milk fat (3.8%) which, of course, tastes creamier (and some would say better) than 3.25%. They are also now selling unhomogenized milk in glass bottles. I find their milk tastes very good, although I too have had the spoilage issues Jay90 mentioned. Unlike ordinary milk, it must be drunk before the due date.

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        Hewitts actually does also sell cow's milk, including 3.25%. I find it tastes SO much better!!! Sadly the only place I can find it in Toronto is the Carrot Common on Danforth.

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          Liberty/Liberté also has goat's milk available in various percentages. Still pasteurized, but I've seen it in 1 litre quantities in 3.25% homogenized and 2% in Longo's (specifically, the Markham location, but it may also be available in other locations).

        2. Ah, the most delicious milk. Don't get me started on that one because the topic alone will deserve its own thread.

          As for what are better choices that are available in our city. There are really not too many different brands available, and I personally find Liberte (my favourite) and Organic Meadow tasting better than the conventional brands. I wish there are more choices for non-homogenized organic milk around here too, because there is no comparison in taste.

          You didn't ask but I recommend you try feeding yogurt too, where the bacteria makes it easier for the baby to digest (from my experience), You can even try a mix of yogurt and milk in the bottle. The brand Saugeen Country, for example offers yogurt made from whole, organic milk.