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Aug 21, 2009 04:17 PM

shuttle launch (moved from South board)

heading to titusville sunday for the launch at 2AM(UGHH) tuesday morning.Any suggestions for food in Titusvile area would be welcome.Dinner/lunch/bkfast??Weve been there before for 2 cancelled launches,and didnt find any good spots--thanks

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  1. You could try Dixie Crossroads. They have a rock shrimp special this month and, depending on where you're from, this may not be something you see too often. But yeah, most people don't go to Titusville for its foodie charms.


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      I haven't seen rock shrimp since I left Fl.
      That sounds pretty good right about now!

    2. I'm in Bradenton and went 3 times across the state to see one launch, worth it. The weather forecast as of this moment is good. Hit a grocery and BRING YOUR OWN picnic basket. Shrimp, sauce, cheese, baguette, pate, fruit, wine, fried chicken, whatever you like, and plates and silverware and cooler. Don't count on Titusville. They are not equipped for these events. This is not a criticism, it just doesn't happen often. And next year is the last year. Why are you going so early before the launch? Most of them are postponed.

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        The launch is at 1:36 a.m. Tuesday morning, or, to us regular folks, Monday night :-)

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          it was sheduled fr 2AM monday morning,now its 2AM uesday---but we';llget check out viewing spots

        2. For dinner, I can recommend Cafe Marguax in Cocoa Village & Silvestro's in Cocoa Beach.

          1. You should check out the Fat Snook on Cocoa Beach http://thefatsnook.com/ . Also consider Cocoa Beach port area for viewing option.

            1. The launch got scrubbed...Are you sticking around for the early Wed. try?