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Aug 21, 2009 03:14 PM

Moo Moo's on S. Lamar

Anybody have info on this place? It's tiny and not in a great spot to quickly whip in and out but I'm a sucker for holstein print. LOL No really, I'm intrigued.

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  1. i stopped in on monday, aug 24th. there were two guys inside the teeny tiny trailer. i asked when they'd be open for business. they hoped to be open by wednesday, the 26th.

    their hook is "mini burgers". every order comes with two burgers, except the double or the triple, those only come with one burger. because in the words of one of the guys inside the trailer... "nobody needs six patties"

    since the place is on the east side of the street - i wouldn't try to exit going south.

    hope that helps. if i go try it out, i'll try to remember to post again here.

    1. Anyone try this place yet? Did they open yesterday?

      1. I stopped by today - I was customer #2, had the "prom queen" burgers, with avocado and chipotle mayo - good burgers! A little smooshed by the time I got back to work, but tasty. Rough cut fries with salt & pepper - yummy!

        1. Where on S Lamar is it? I can't find it on yelp or any where else that says where it actually is.

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            It's just a little bit up from Uchi (same side of street... I'd say 2-3 building lots) heading away from downtown. I haven't tried it, but I put my dog in Taurus Daycare (next to Uchi) and I've seen it there.

            1. re: shan

              I went there today. Be careful driving in, there is a drop off on the driveway and my Audi bottomed out. The menu clearly says orders come with 2 burgers, and I double checked with the guy. I ordered 2 orders of Beefcake. I get home and each has only one patty. The burger was pretty dry but tasted ok. The french fries tasted good to me, but they had a fried metal twist in them. Whoops. The guy didn't have any change at all, and I only had $6 in ones and some 20s,. He let me have the burgers for the $6 in ones I had. So now I need to go back and give them the other $6 some time. It'll be a special trip though, as I don't think I'd eat there again. Well, maybe if they are still open in a couple months and have their process worked out so they know how to make the burgers with the right number of patties.

          2. The original comment has been removed