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Aug 21, 2009 03:04 PM

How do you make bacon better?

Wrap it in fried chicken ---

A cardiopocalypse.

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  1. I like to saute bacon in butter.

    1. How can the perfect food be made better? Just fry up more.

      1. bake in the oven drizzled with maple syrup....yum

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          Do you bake or actually broil your bacon? I broil mine, but keep the pan roughly 8 inches (2nd rack adjustment from the top) and babysit the bacon till it looks right to me. (Not exactly limp or crunchy, somewhere in between)

          In general bacon cannot be made better (IMHO) unless you pick the right brand of bacon. Whenever possible I try to purchase Wright brand (See link below) of bacon, but unfortunately it has to be on special.

          1. re: RShea78

            A couple of times I've seen Ina Garten bake bacon in the oven. Once she placed it on a rack (like for cooling cookies) on a jelly roll pan and another time, no rack. I think it was 400 for like 20 min. I plan on trying that soon myself.

            1. re: nvcook

              >>I think it was 400 for like 20 min. I plan on trying that soon myself.

              Geez! After about the first 7 minutes I would be pulling some bacon early to munch on. (Bacon ranks second place too my comfort food, and thy shall not wait.

              My broiling method is rather quick, so around the 7 minute mark, it should be done to my likings.

              1. re: nvcook

                In the oven is the only way I make bacon. The times I've tried it in a skillet, I pull it off when it looks right and somehow it's way overdone. I like crispy, I like VERY crispy, and yet I can't gauge it on the stovetop.

                In the oven, I can do a whole pound of bacon at a time for a crowd, I can cook it to the perfect crisp-but-not-burnt, and all the excess fat neatly drips down from the grate into the pan below. It's perfect every time.

              2. re: RShea78

                I put the bacon in a cold oven, then turn it on to 400.. takes about 10-15 minutes if you put it on a rack there is no need to turn, if not flip over if not flip about 1/2 way through, comes out crisp with less shrinkage

                1. re: RShea78

                  I actually bake it. Nothing beats the sweet and salty taste of bacon with maple syrup over it! I have never seen Wrightbrand bacon up here in the northeast. I have used many different brands but since I love bacon so much I have yet to meet a bacon I didn't like!

                1. Slice it thick....sprinkle on fresh course ground black pepper...fry