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Aug 21, 2009 03:01 PM

Etiquette question: Constructing your own sandwich from a breakfast combo plate

Is there anything, in terms of etiquette, wrong with someone constructing their own "breakfast sandwich" when they order, for example, a typical breakfast combo plate of eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast, etc.?

I ask because we were at IHOP the other day having breakfast and my friend's son (a teen) made his own breakfast sandwich with the slices of toast, the scrambled eggs and bacon he got from his "Quick Two Egg" breakfast combo.

It didn't really strike me as rude, per se, but it did look sort of odd.

Your thoughts?

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  1. I can't imagine what would be rude about it. People combine their dishes all the time in ways that they find best-tasting, whether it be dipping the pot roast bite into the mashed potatos, or putting ice cream on top of the cake.
    But since you asked, is it rude when I take apart my breakfast sandwich and eat the individual parts by themselves? Because that's become my new favorite thing...

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    1. re: hyacinthgirl

      "a teen" and a boy no less, nothing is out of the question!

      1. heck no. in fact, it's been my experience that it's pretty common practice. back in the days when i could eat toast, i had a similar ritual, though i'd pile a bite each of the eggs, bacon & tomato onto small pieces of toast torn off one at at a time because i'm weird like that :) but it's the same principle as when you get a breakfast deli platter that comes with the bagel or bialy and all the "fixins" separate. put it together however you like...or don't, and eat each item on its own.

        1. Let me start by saying that I love breakfast sandwiches. However, if I was trying to be polite, I'd create that same taste sensation by forking a piece of toast, a little piece of egg, and some bacon. I think it would also be okay if I was using the toast like a cracker and putting the fixings on with a fork. Something about making a sandwich at the table and eating that way seems wrong to me.

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            I agree. This would strike me as very odd behavior. Where do you draw the line? Go out to dinner, get a bread basket and an order of pork chops, mashed potatoes, and peas. Pile everything on the bread and chow down? I think not. If you want a sandwich, order one.

          2. While I think it might be a bit rude if having brunch in a less casual place, and say, flipping over two eggs benedict to make a sandwich....I think the combo plate in casual places is fare game. In fact, any time I have a two egg breakfast, I always do this with my last egg. I love breakfast sandwiches !

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            1. re: im_nomad

              My first slice of toast is for dipping into the yolks of my over medium eggs. My second slice of toast becomes the covers for my egg whites and bacon sandwich. I'm not found of egg whites but I won't waste them and they taste better in sandwich form.

              picawicca, my husband often makes sliders from the rolls that come with his (and my) meal and the meat and veggies on his plate. Granted he generally only does this at the casual diner where we are regulars and never in a fine dining establishment. The cooks there know he does it, take no offense and the wait staff humors him with extra rolls.

              1. re: morwen

                I always get dry wheat toast and simply pick up the eggs with my fork and then slip a piece of toast underneath and then eat them open face with my bacon on top sometimes. It's neat, it's unobtrusive and the toast soaks up the yolk so none gets wasted.

            2. If it's a casual breakfast place, I see nothing wrong with it. The last time I went out to breakfast, I did the same thing. They didn't really have a breakfast sandwich with the fixings that I wanted, so I just ordered things separately and made it myself.