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Aug 21, 2009 02:55 PM

Walk in and Wait?? Momofuku Ssam, Locanda Verde, or Redhead tonight. If not there, then where?

How dumb am I to walk in and wait at any of these three tonight? (bearing in mind it is august and hopefully the city is empty)

My husband has been working like a dog and I want to take him to a delicious meal for the two of us (cant do a reservation because I dont know when he will be home). He's more than happy to wait for a table if there's space/room for a nice glass of wine. How are the bars at these places?

Any other suggestions below 34th; no particular cuisine; entrees below $20; nice for two people (but does not have to be hardcore romantic per se).

Maybe I'll be extra stupid and try babbo's bar area.

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  1. I've actually had decent luck walking in to Momofuku Ssam. There is a litlte bar that you can stand at and wait in the back. When Redhead is packed, it is really, really packed and kind of miserable to wait at in my experience.