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Fall River, MA help

Bluebird Aug 21, 2009 02:50 PM

I've searched the board and didn't see anything. I'm guessing I didn't see anything because there isn't anything, but I figured it can't hurt to ask... We need to drop off my mother in law at the Fall River Country Club for a function Saturday night. Is there someplace nearby (like within 15 minutes) where we could go grab a good bite to eat and I can enjoy a glass of wine while we are waiting for her? I figure we will have 2 -3 hours to kill.

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    im hungry RE: Bluebird Aug 22, 2009 01:48 PM

    theres a few pretty good portuguese restaurants in the area,personally i think Sagres on columbia st to be my favorite.saturday nights they even have live fado music,the vinho verde[portuguse white wine]is perfect summer wine.the food is really good,portuguese put lots of garlic in everything,not to spicy,great bread too.

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      walker RE: im hungry Aug 22, 2009 03:41 PM

      Do you know the name of the Chinese rest. that Emeril loves?

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      bonacbub RE: Bluebird Aug 22, 2009 04:59 PM

      Depends on what you want, there is some fantastic seafood a short drive away in Tiverton, RI (15 min drive) Evelyn's drive in, http://www.evelynsdrivein.com/. The Chinese restaurant you are thinking of is Mee Sum, they are famous for their Chow Mein Sandwiches. Its an "acquired taste" For a great retro diner try Almacs on President Avenue.
      There are some great portuguese restauraurants, yes Sagres is often mentioned as one of the best. The area is predominately Portuguese so you can literally throw a stone and hit some interesting place to eat when you are downtown. Most are casual places, like Billy's cafe which makes the best Chourico sausage sandwich on the planet or Lou's Bakery which makes Portuguese Sweet Bread that you swear is like eating a giant donut! or Sam's bakery for fresh meat pies, yum!! You are also 30 mins from Newport so there is a whole other world open to you there too. Have fun!

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        allieb2031 RE: Bluebird Aug 24, 2009 08:24 PM

        I'd drive to The Boat House in Tiverton. A new spot by the group that runs well known establishments like 22 Bowens in Newport!



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          allieb2031 RE: Bluebird Aug 24, 2009 08:25 PM

          There is a pizza place - near Lindsay Ave/St??? - in Fall River that was pretty good a couple of years ago -- anyone know the name?


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            bonacbub RE: Bluebird Aug 29, 2009 07:15 AM

            Just came home from 2 days in Fall River, ate dinner at Evelyn's one night and it was fantastic same for Mesa 21 just off President Ave near Davol St.

            Mesa 21 is a combo of brick oven pizza and Portuguese foods, it was delicious and CHEAP!!! (10 people for under $200!!). I had the chicken Mozambique, nice mildly spicy and I also had the flaming Chourico appetizer and shared some fried calamari both yummy. Friends swear by the cod fish cakes

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              allieb2031 RE: bonacbub Aug 29, 2009 02:47 PM

              That's the place I went to -- is Mesa 21 new to the area? What was the name of the place 4 years ago? I just remember GREAT pizza.


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