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Aug 21, 2009 02:38 PM

Romantic dinner for 2 near the Renaissance (State & Wacker)?

Looking for a good kind-of lowkey dinner spot near the Renaissance, preferably within a few blocks (I will be wearing heels). Would like classic American or Italian cuisine.


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  1. I really like Catch 35, 35 West Wacker Drive, for a cozy seafood dinner (they also have a killer filet mignon). You could throw a rock from the front doors of your hotel and hit it.

    Bin 36 is great, 339 North Dearborn, as is their other restaurant, A Mano Trattoria, which is underneath it (a bit more scaled down than Bin 36 but still nice).

    There's Petterino's, 150 No. Dearborn, which caters to the theater crowd, so call ahead to make sure you arrive after they scram (it's crazy before a show but quite nice when it sort of clears out).

    Keefer's, 20 West Kinzie, is a few blocks away, and a lovely place to dine.

    Also very close to the hotel you have the chains: McCormick & Schmick's at 1 East Wacker Drive for seafood, or Smith & Wollensky (steak) across the river at 318 North State. Sullivan's Steakhouse is probably the farthest away at 415 No. Dearborn (just a tiny cab ride if you think you don't want to walk it).

    Of all these selections, I think either A Mano or Bin 36 would be the low-key-est, but nice enough for an enjoyable dinner.

    Don't let anyone talk you into Fulton's on the River.

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      Thanks for all the recs! The Tavern of Bin 36 looks super promising.

    2. I recently dined at Cibo Matto in the Wit Hotel and was very impressed. Try the bucatini carbonara, the halibut, and the hamachi crudo. Yum.