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Aug 21, 2009 02:27 PM

Detroit-If I were to go shopping in an area Asian Market...

...what could I expect to find that would delight The Cook in me?

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  1. Hua Xing between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti has live frogs. Don't know if that floats your boat, but if not it's quite a large market with lots of other delights besides.

    1. I am assuming the surrounding area of Detroit and if this is the case, you should be a little more specific on which Asian Market.

      For example, "Essence of Asia" in Farmington Hills really specializes in Indian cuisine as "Uri Market" specializes in Korean food. The "World Market" in Novi is only Japanese food. I can't really recommend anything in Indian Cuisine as I have not yet ventured into Indian food.

      As for the Korean Market, there are all kinds of dishes that you can make from sweet to spicy. The primary ingredients for most seasonings are garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce and sometimes a gochu-jang or powder, this is a paste made from a pepper similar to cayenne.

      Japanese cuisine is a little easier to make and eat once you get the hang of it. Sushi is intimidating at first, but very easy once you get into it. Real ramen, however, is a lot more difficult to make and if you have ever had it, you might realize the actual complexity to it. The taste is very different from the packaged one that might cost a nickel.

      I personally am a fan of Korean food. I don't know many Chinese markets, but i am sure there are many with great variety.

      In my experience, the ones working at the markets can steer you in the right direction if you need to make anything specific. Good Luck!

        1. two viet grocery stores I know of..

          13 and dequinder - SW corner..
          12.5 and John R

          well stocked.. full area of common vietnamese herbs\spices\sauces. The one at Dequinder has a more full seafood section with live fish, crabs, and sometimes lobsters. If you poke around and are adventures there are many "hidden treasures" to be had.


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            What's the name of the market on 13 and dequinder ? I assume the one on John R is Saigon Market, which I really enjoy.

          2. Not delight ... but I always snicker when I see the blue & white
            (beverage) cans of (Pocari) SWEAT. <g>