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Aug 21, 2009 02:25 PM

Your favorite (and least favorite) restaurant/food chains in Toronto/the GTA

my favorites are:
cora's- had the nutella banana crepe and it was super. not to mention it was MASSIVE. I've also tried the breakfast sausages and they were yummy.

the sandwich box- i always get the chicken/brie/tomato/avacado chipotle mayo sandwich. it's like my go-to place for sandwiches. i think a lot of their stores have closed down though.

mandarin- errr yeah. not exactly proud of this one. but honestly, who doesn't love americanized "chinese" food?

chipotle- SO glad they opened a franchise in canada. i haven't met a person who doesn't like their burritos.

least favorites:
fresh- had a a spoonful of food, and i couldn't finish, it was just that bad. i took it home to give to my dad (who eats EVERYTHING) and he tossed it. the desserts weren't bad though. and the waiters were quite good-looking too, which is a bonus (haha!)

marche/richtree- overpriced, lousy food. eaten there on multiple occasions, and have NOT been impressed in the slightest. from what i can recall, the pastas are always mushy and flavorless. bleh!

i know a lot of you hounds tend to hate on food chains, but i'm curious to see which ones you've actually ENJOYED.

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  1. I only go to chains when I want something quick, hot, reasonably nourishing, and inexpensive. Otherwise I'd make fish 'n chips at home.

    My two favorites are: Chick 'N Joy, the dark meat special, Mon and Tues for $2.60
    MacDonalds Filet 'o Fish meal, with milk. $6.

    The two pieces of chicken are better than the Colonel's, and fries can be good. The fries are generally good at MacDonald's, and they have perfected the filet so that it is cooked right and has a generous amount of tartar sauce.

    1. I've pretty much broken the chain and fast food habit... the less you eat it, the less you crave it. That said:

      I'm pretty much down to a New York Fries poutine every couple months or so, when the Eaton Centre is only tolerably busy, and a Big Mac a couple times a year whilst on the highway heading to visit family. They taste good when eaten in rare moderation.

      As for chains, Spring Rolls, in all its incarnations, is the worst thing to ever strike the downtown core of Toronto.

      1. McDonald's double cheeseburger.

        1. Demetres for icecream sundaies

          1. My favourite is Filet O fish at MacDonald !

            least favourite : Any chinese buffet

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              Freshii - It's overpriced and has become smaller since the Lettuce Eatery transition. But I do enjoy the fresh veggies and ingredients in the wraps and new pesudo burritos. It's filling and sorta healthy so a nice alternative if in a pinch.

              Chipotle - I lived outside San Francisco a few years back for work and would get this probably once a week. I was very excited when we got one in Toronto and it's consistant with the quality in the states. I avoid the chewy steak and have come to terms with the fact that I'm eating a huge sodium bomb.

              Moe's - Another states chain that's translated well here. It hits the spot and I dig the queso for the chips and the tasty salsa bar. The burritos are under seasoned but you get to spice them up as needed with the various salsas.


              Taco VIlla - High priced dog food passed off as tex mex. Disgusting and expensive. I've rarely met a taco or burrito that I didn't like. But this gelatanous slop is inedible and pricy.

              Arby's - I enjoyed this in the states but something went wrong here. The meat is like tissue paper dipped in beef boullion. I get sucked in sometimes when craving some roast beef in a food court and it's consistantly crappy.