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Aug 21, 2009 02:13 PM

MSP Weekend Dim Sum?

You all gave great suggestions on my first post, I just had to come back for more advice!

I am in search of good dim sum in or near the MSP area. Carts are preferrable, but not a deal breaker. And please. Do not say Jun Bo...

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  1. Best dim sum in town is always Mandarin Kitchen on Lyndale and 85th. It opens around 10 am on weekends. Enormous place, but you'll wait unless you arrive by 11:30 am. Carts, trays and special orders.

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    1. re: discus

      Thanks! I'll have to check that place out soon. Would you recommend any dishes over others?

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        I haven't been as thrilled as I once was with Mandarin Kitchen. They changed owners a year or two ago and changed the menu and I haven't been for Dim Sum since the change.

        Has the dim sum improved, suffered or remained the same since the change in ownership?

        It's a 30 minute drive (in good traffic) for me to get to Mandarin Kitchen so I've been eating Chinese elsewhere most of the last two years.

      2. I haven't been to Pagoda (Dinkytown) for dim sum, but they added it a few months ago and I heard it was good (there is a thread on here, I think?). If the quality is anything like their standard offerings, it's probably outstanding.

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          i felt pagoda was definitely executed better than Jun Bo but not busy enough - they were nice about making us fresh stuff but there was a lot of plated food not sitting in carts and not staying warm - im not sure if it was an off day, but maybe going as soon as they open would make a big difference.

        2. Teahouse in St. Paul (1676 Suburban Avenue) also offers dim sum on the weekends but I've not tried it.

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            I think the quality of food at Jun Bo is reflected in the effort they put into upkeep on their building.

          2. I think I may be alone here, but I enjoy Mai Village.

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              You're not alone. I liked the Dim Sum service at Mai Village a year ago--the last time I had it.

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                So...a trip to Yangstze and Pagoda seem to be in order!
                I luvluv dim sum, and as a newbie to the area, immediately went on the prowl. I've only hit up Mai Village, though...and it was good (look for fresh on the cart, as there are a few sitters)
                Unfortunately, I felt it was a bit expensive.

            2. We love Mandarin Kitchen, and also Yangtze in St Louis Park

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                Thanks for the tip on Yangtze! Do you know how prices compare between the 2 restaurants?

                1. re: frogger8

                  MK and Yangtze seemed comparable- I want to say 4 of us got out of there for between 25-30$ per couple. It was several months ago, though.