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Aug 21, 2009 02:13 PM

Best fish tacos in the San Fran area!

I will be visiting in December from Boston and would like some locals suggestions for great fish tacos. I prefer the sweet ones with pinapple or mango salsa. Any other must try in the San Fran area would also be appreciated.

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  1. Fish tacos are not considered a must try in SF, as they are a southern cal thing. That said, Nick's Crispy Tacos does a nice rendition.

    Some must try's for SF:
    Mission Street burrito
    Sourdough Bread (Tadich Grill has the best)
    Chapino (good version also found at Tadich)
    Dim Sum
    Vietnamese cuisine
    Dungeness Crab will be in season in December (steamed like lobster or try the Vietnamese roasted version if you never have)

    Tadich Grill
    240 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

    Nick's Crispy Tacos
    1500 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94109

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      Yes, the fish tacos here are not the traditional Southern California / Baja California type. My favorites for fish tacos are Nick's, and the Primavera booth that is at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Saturday mornings (booth in the back of the building, very back of the market). They are on the Primavera menu ~1/4 of the time, I'd guess.

      At Nick's, be sure to order the taco "Nick's Way".

      1. re: Civil Bear

        Nick is now at Underdog. He left the Broadway location a year ago or so. I think they are still trying to copy his style, but if you want the real Nick's Tacos, head over to Underdog in the Sunset.

        The Taco Shop at Underdog Sports Bar & Grill
        1824 Irving St, San Francisco, CA

      2. I wouldn't call myself an expert but the fish tacos at Woodhouse (Church & Market) are very good.

        1. Taylor's Refresher in the Ferry Bldg actually has some good ones but the fish is not breaded/fried which I believe is theytraditional SoCal way of making them. Anyway it gives you an excuse to go to the Ferry Bldg which is always good especially for the Recchiutti Bacon Maple Toffee!

          1. Here is a fish taco list a little dated perhaps.
            How is the taco at Nopalito?
            Taco De Pescado Al Pastor seared adobo sturgeon, ancho chili and chimichurri salsa.

            1. My fav by far = Tracy des Jardins' MIJITA at SF Ferry Bldg; get w extra tortillas. Also recommend the jicama/grapefruit salad as a side > http://www.ferrybuildingmarketplace.c...

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                I liked the fish and seasonings in the fish tacos at Mijita, but the tortillas were weird.