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Aug 21, 2009 01:43 PM

Anything to say about Restaurant Argentino?

I stumbled upon this restaurant's website whilst doing some googling. From viewing the website, I don't know what to make of this place, but I must admit that the idea of a big plate of meat including some Argentine morcilla is really making me hungry.

So have any of you been there or heard something about the place? I would have done a search but since every part of chow.com that isn't the forums seems to be down...


EDIT: The search function and everything else is back up, but my search turned up bubkes.

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  1. I will try to go there in the following days. When I was living in Mexico, some of my favourite restaurants were argentinian. I take any argentinian over any other traditional steak house.

    Now being said that, I saw the Parrillada and the Milanesa on their website and looked good, however I don't like that they have a "mexican" section in their menu and live music that is not argentinian on the weekend.

    My love for argentinian restaurants, however, makes it worth to visit.

    1. there was a report on the l'epicerie show on Radio Canada a few weeks ago about Argentino, you should find it on their webpage - it looked really interesting in my opinion

      1. FORGET ARGENTINO!!!... Absolutely dissappointing to say the least!!! They need to improve their service offering!

        I happened to be flipping channels when I stumbled upon the Curieux Begin episode featuring Argentino. Being latin-american, a vigorous meat eater and an avid BBQer I would normally just do it myselves, I pick up the vacio (bavette), sausages and asado (beef ribs) from my favorite latino butcher (st-viateur butchers) add the Kosher salt 30 mins before grilling and prep my own chimichurri. But... I was immediately excited to learn of a Argentine Asado restaurant plus with my bday around the corner I asked my wife to book the restaurant to make it easier on us.

        In all we were 19 and opted for the "forced" group menu (30$ a plate) said to be "à volonté". I must say the empanada was tasty but the meat was poor quality...disgusting even... tasted like if it was boiled and the portions were rediculous... I thought it would be more of a milsa style but instead the waiters would pass around and place a tiny piece of meat immediately followed by huge portions of bread and fries... a long waiting time and then pass again with another tiny poor quality piece of meat.

        The owner is said to be a butcher... Im thinking he held a job at Super C and nothing more.

        1. went with friends and it sucked... big time!! service was cold at first then sort of warmed up...
          waste of $$
          steak was just passable....

          1. Well that's too bad. I was really hoping it would be good. I might still go for the Argentine pizza since it seems to be the only place in town making it. It's really hard to totally screw up pizza.

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              I've had an enjoyable experience there, but it was a join-in concert of various Argentine and other Latin-American musicians (mostly Chileans). Wine, ok but not great empanadas and sausage+salad or on a bun - hard to get wrong. Food played only a marginal role in the fun. But sadly it does not seem to have good meat, which is odd. Smaug, I also shop at Boucherie St-Viateur for Cono Sur cuts.

              I miss the tiny Tanguito at the corner of St-Vallier and St-Zotique. Unpretentious family place, but much better food - including pascualinas and Argentine pizza.

              I do wish Restaurant Argentino could improve, as such an informal "social club" type place would really fill a niche.