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Aug 21, 2009 12:40 PM

Need old fashioned half sheet birthday cake recs -- Park Slope or vicinity

I want to get a half sheet cake for my daughter's third birthday that's tasty and not too pricey. I say old fashioned because I'm looking for a normal moist yellow cake (maybe even - gasp - box cake) with preferably whipped frosting (versus buttercream, which I find too sticky and heavy.) I've gotten a lot of recs for Pathmark, but they only take orders in person which is hard for me and I've also heard that they are often not on time when you need to pick them up. We don't belong to Costco. Any other ideas of where I can order a cake like this?


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  1. Well, unfortunately I don't know anyone in Park Slope, but Shopright on McDonald Ave. and Ave. I makes birthday cakes. Sheet cakes or layer cakes. Never got one but I've seen a few and they look very nice and not expensive.

    1. The best, best, best birthday cakes are made at Bread Basket -- kings hwy and E. 5th or so. They're not cheap, but have been a hit with my two young daughters the past few years. They can even top the cake with your kid's favorite cartoon character. Dora anyone?