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Aug 21, 2009 12:27 PM

Smokin' Joint BBQ on 3rd

Appears that this new BBQ Joint on 3rd near La Cienega is finally open for business. Anyone been yet? Looking forward to reports.

Website is still "under construction":

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  1. Babyback ribs smoked, concentrated fat/flavor and tasty. real good stuff.
    Brisket juicy, lacked but flavor
    Beef ribs -- mistake
    mac and cheese - dry not cheesy
    fries - really crisp tasty
    catfish bites -- ruined by heavy mustard coat under soggy corn meal -- i like em crisp and no mustard

    went on first nite open -- real promise with the ribs and i know they are just starting out. (ie needs to be bottles of barbeque sauce and hot sauce on tables; needs beer/liquor)

    decor - too fancy/stuffy for my taste and for the food

    service -- excellent and real nice folks working there who cared about our reactions and wanted to please/improve

    I look forward to going back and sure they will improve -- the baby back ribs are solid.

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    1. re: jessejames

      Is it an informal joint (thinking, say, like The Pig was) or more a full on restaurant with table service, etc.?

    2. I just saw the initial menu up on Looks pretty promising. But I REALLY wish they wouldn't use the word "Smokin" on nearly every other description. After the third smokin they start to sound like smokin nails on a smokin chalkboard.

      1. Any word on days and hours?

        I'm thinking about going for lunch on Monday, if they're open.

        Also wondering if the rock & roll theme means it will be too loud for a real conversation?

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        1. re: budsoftaste

          went last night.

          ribs and beans where high points.
          mac 'n cheese was big disappointment. looked great but oddly devoid of flavor.
          pecan pie was also quite good. and huge.

          place was empty. doubt I'll go back unless I hear they've really stepped up. for those prices I'd expect to be a bit more wowed. but perhaps they'll still work out the kinks. and add some flavor to the mac.

          1. re: budsoftaste

            The Ribs were really great. We ordered the beef and the baby back plates. The baby back were SUPER meaty, plump, and delicious, they had some kind of sweet rub that was lip smacking. The beef ribs were slightly anemic, but had a wonderful smokey flavor (the pork was not nearly as smokey). The beans were very good (and I'm not much of a bean person, their beans were a little different), the greens were fine, didn't seem as "steeped in flavor" as I like them, but they also weren't mush, which I appreciate --and they were topped with cripsy bacon bits -- nice. The bacon stuffed sweet onion, don't let the word bacon sway you -- it's a sweet onion with some kind of minced bacon jam kinda thing stuffed inside, good, but not "mmm bacon'y" like I was wanting it to be. Oh and you get a slice of pickle on your plate, it's sweet and spicy, don't mistake it for garnish you don't need to eat -- try it.

            They've only been open a couple weeks I guess, and already the menu I saw online didn't exactly match the one inside -- namely the 7 bone rack of beef ribs, downgraded to 6 for some reason. Not that big a deal, but it irked me to know a few weeks ago I could have gotten one more bone ; ) $25 for a BBQ dinner (albeit a big one) seemed a little obscene to me, but when I considered that I was eating BBQ at 3rd and La Cienega, what did I think it would be? We went on tuesday night, and no one was there, we left around 7:30, and I think there were maybe 4 people there.

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