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Aug 21, 2009 12:18 PM

Need rec for SOHO bar office party

Our company needs to celebrate a kick off event! 60-70 people on a Wednesday around 5-8pm in soho. Budget is definitely a concern, and if we can't find a place to do it reasonably, we'll have to have it in house, so help me think of a fun place where we can get out of the office and kick loose. Mostly just drinks, but we wouldn't say no to appetizers too.

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  1. N, (sorry I can't remember how to type the tilda) on Crosby might work well. It can fit that many people as long as you use both rooms and I bet you can get food and drinks in your budget. I had a NYE party there a few years back and they did it for us very cheaply. I would imagine it would be cheaper still on a Weds afternoon. The food is nothing special but it was decent, and the drinks were great.

    1. Antarctica (Hudson and Spring) will hook you up. We've had a million "events" in there. It's kind of divey and they don't serve food but they'll let you order in whatever and however much you want. Good spot.

      1. What about that place SoHo Room (?) on Spring and Sullivan is it?

        1. my soho office did Nolita House once- not quite soho, but close. they were very reasonable & worked with us.

          Maybe Lure can accommodate you in the bar area or private room?

          Maybe Obivia?
          We did Antarctica once too and i recall people weren't fond of it.

          1. Maybe Red Egg can accommodate you. They serve dim sum half off during hh