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Nov 22, 2004 12:04 PM

Best Sushi in OC?

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Hello fellow Chowhounds!!

Where do you go for great sushi in Orange County?

I really enjoy Mosun in Laguna Beach (for food and atmosphere)... but Gen Kai in Dana Point is nice as well...however, I am not nearly as sophisticated in sushi as some of you may be. Please throw in your opinion!! :) Thanks!

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    Abe in Newport Beach. Have been there many many times and we love the sushi. The specials are always good too.

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      Restaurant Abe is hands down the best sushi. The menu is increadibly creative and super fresh. He just sold it, but the menu and the staff has remained the same. He is opening Blue Fin in Crystal Cove in early 2005. Can't wait!

      1. re: farmersdaughter

        I second Sushi Wasabi in Tustin and add Angotei in Costa Mesa at Bristol and Paularino (on Paularino).

      2. Sushi Wasabe in Tustin (on Newport Ave, just a block or so sw of the I-5)is very good, at least as of about a year ago or so.

        1. I'd say Wasabi and Abe are among the top in OC, but Wasabi is better priced.

          1. Thanks all! I will just have to hit both Wasabe AND Abe. Pleasure's all mine! Have a great Turkey Day!

            1. I have heard a lot about Shibucho, so you might want to do a search on the board about it. Always wanted to try it, just haven't gotten around to it yet .. .