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Aug 21, 2009 11:51 AM

Coffeehouse with wireless in Sunnyside?

I just moved to Sunnyside, and the first thing I really need to find is a good cafe to work in. I am a writer, and I spend a lot of time working in cafes. My main requirement is somewhere where I won't feel weird pulling out a laptop and sitting for several hours. I prefer somewhere with reliable wireless, plentiful seating, outlets, good coffee, and a low level of noise.

I read about Aubergine on Skillman and went there -- and maybe it's changed recently? -- but it really felt more like a restaurant than a coffeeshop to me. Everyone seemed to be eating a meal, no one was doing any work, etc. Seems like a lovely place for lunch for not for a coffee and a laptop.

I checked out The Grind also, on 39th Place off QB, but it is dark and strange and the tables have tablecloths on them, which makes me feel like it's geared toward the having-a-meal crowd. I'm not really sure what they're trying to do in there.

Then I went to Ave Coffee on Greenpoint Ave & 45th, but it was very loud and didn't seem so conducive to working. Perhaps the most promising of the three, but less than ideal.

So, Chowhounders, help me out here! Does this magic place I seek exist somewhere in Sunnyside?

Right now I'm at Communitea in LIC, and it's more along the lines of what I was hoping to find. If only it were closer.


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  1. Might be too far, but Cafescape on Roosevelt/Woodside Ave and 59th would work.

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      This has been perfect for me so far, thanks! Very standard cafe but just right for working with many fellow laptop users and plenty of free seats and outlets.

    2. Wouldn't say the coffee's exceptional at Sugar & Joe, based on one iced coffee, but the people were friendly, there's wi-fi and I felt comfortable hanging out there and scribbling.

      Sugar & Joe
      42-20 Greenpoint Ave, Queens, NY 11104

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        Sugar & Joe is totally adorable -- thanks for the tip! It does seem like a real sit-down eatery though. Have you sat there and only ordered coffee, or is this an okay place to sit and drink coffee and work? Didn't see any laptops or solo-sitters when I popped in there for a coffee to-go to scope it out. I definitely look forward to brunch there though...

        1. re: righter

          I was there late on a weekend afternoon. Just one or two other tables were occupied, and the staff seemed OK with my hanging out and not eating anything. Might be different when it's busier, though.

      2. Thanks so much for the tips! I'm going to check out Cafescape and Sugar & Joe, which is right near me. I really appreciate the help.

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          1. re: rhydewithdis

            I saw that! Boo! I mean, it totally makes sense, but I'm not a fan of the trend. I do try not to sit for hours and hours in a place that is so crowded there are no seats for new customers, and I also try to continue making purchases if I'm really there for a long time. But it seems the days of free wireless everywhere may be waning. Alas.

        1. Just wanted to update this zombie thread with information I've gotten in the months since.

          So, to sum up good coffee shops with wifi for working in/near Sunnyside:
          - Cafescape (in Woodside) is pretty good, though totally charmless. Basically like a Starbucks. Usually their music is too loud though, and they're weird with their wireless -- the barista has to type in the password for you.
          - Sugar & Joe is, sadly, closed.
          - Ave Coffee is still... fine.
          - The Sunnyside branch of the library doesn't serve food, so off-topic for Chowhound, but it's lovely.

          Other places a little further afield but within a half hour walk / quick train:
          - Communitea, LIC
          - Cranky's Cafe, LIC
          - Bricktown Bagel, LIC --> Delicious and well-priced eats too; plenty of seating & outlets.
          - Espresso 77, Jackson Heights *
          - Champion Coffee, Greenpoint *
          - Cafe Grumpy, Greenpoint *

          * Those last three also happen to have absolutely stellar coffee.

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          1. re: righter

            I'm sure you've checked if there are any non-password protected sites from your home.
            I don't password protect mine and let's see if we can encourage others to do same!!
            There is no security risk involved. Pub-wise THE COURTYARD has wireless and I'm sure most times they don't mind if it's just tea or coffee yOu're having. BTW, the taco truck which is often parked outside is well rated here and you're invited to bring your own eats [BYOE]!

            1. re: micheal

              You're quite mistaken about there being "no security risk". At its simplest, someone with just a little knowledge and access to your wifi connection can access your computer. I have zero technical training/education about computers, yet a few years ago I was able to access my neighbor's wifi. As a joke I accessed his printer, and from my home sent a document to print from his printer "secure your wifi!" It freaked him out. Had I wanted to be malicious I could have accessed his hard drive very easily.

              Aside from all that, if someone wants to use my wifi, they're welcome to contribute to my internet bill. Until then, sorry, password protected.

              1. re: irishnyc

                "Had I wanted to be malicious I could have accessed his hard drive very easily"

                No,you could not have at all. You're mistaking matters - your neighbor had chosen shared printer option so you could access.
                And you are also wrong here
                "At its simplest, someone with just a little knowledge and access to your wifi connection can access your computer" ...
                Sure,your computer HD can be hacked but don't confuse matters by implying that password protection of your WiFi can protect you or that not checking PW protect exposes you in any way. Completely erroneous!!

                1. re: micheal

                  This isn't the place for tech discussion, but you are 100% wrong in stating that leaving your wifi open poses no security risk to any device on your home network.