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Aug 21, 2009 11:46 AM

Lolita Cocina in Greenwich, Anyone Been?

I heard about a new Mexican restaurant in Greenwich(Lolita Cocina). Has anyone gone. I'm dying for good Mexican food.

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  1. There was this recent thread that might be of help...I haven't been!

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. We just went Friday night! While it was very annoying to wait so long for a table, we had a good spot at the bar and a good bartender. We had great sangria and the guys had good, strong drinks that the bartender, Will, created. While we waited we had the guac, which was good but rather spicy-even though we asked for mild. Once seated, they brought us an shaved ice tequila starter.
        we ordered apps such as the lobster enchilada, the caracoles, costillas de cafe, brisket tacos, grouper tacos. All were excellent.
        For dinner, i had the lobster enchilada b/c it was that good. My husband had the rib eye steak which he really enjoyed. One friend had the brisket tacos again and the other friend had the scallops.
        The place was packed and it was a fun, boisterous scene. We will certainly go back again!

        1. Cool place to meet up with friends for a drink (or 2 or 3) ! A definite scene, which I crave every so often ... Tequila and Margarita's galore! - gotta love that!
          The food!? well, it's average ... I personally like the food at Boxcar Cantina better.
          As for service - it's so so ... sorry kids, but ya really gotta step it up! oh, my favorite part ... the cotton candy you get at the end of your meal ... c'mon who doesn't love cotton candy?!