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Aug 21, 2009 11:29 AM

Italian in North Suburbs

My son lives out of town and is in to visit for a few days. He loves Italian food. Anybody have a suggestion for a great Italian restaurant in the north suburbs? Thanks.

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  1. How far?
    Immediately coming to mind is Francesco's Hole In The Wall in Northnrook

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      Not sure what the OP is looking for, but Francesco's is pretty focused on pastas and a few fish and chicken dishes like Chicken Vesuvio and chicken parm. I find it as good as you're going to get in the area, but I wouldn't call it great Italian

    2. You don't say how "north" your north suburbs are. In Evanston, Campagnola and Va Pensiero are both excellent and innovative.

      Highwood has a number of Italian restaurants. Most are just ok. Some people really like Del Rio. I prefer Gabriel's.

      Between the two is La Bella Winnetka, which is a decent pasta place, but nothing to knock your socks off.

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        I am fond of Cafe Lucci in Glenview.

        1. re: bibi rose

          Yeah we need to know how north/west. Cafe Lucci is excellent. Nice tap beer selection for a 'Talian resto too. Really good pastas and well informed servers.
          Del Rio in Highwood is dark, rustic and old school(my preference). Gabriel's is a bit more modern.

      2. ahhhh - I miss Donatella!