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Aug 21, 2009 11:21 AM

Where to get perch, walleye, or pike in Western PA?

I grew up eating this stuff, and since I've left I've been hard-pressed to find fresh-water fish aside from trout and eel.

Does anyone know of any restaurants in the Pittsburgh area (within 60 miles or so) that serve these fish (fried, grilled, anything is fine).

And a side note, while in Scotland recently I had some wonderful freshwater mussels. Anything like that over here? I remember the crawfish being good when I was a kid, but sadly an upstream waster treatment plant ruined that fun.

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  1. Yes, Rico's in the North Hills has a tremendous pike dish with lump crabmeat in a light cream sauce. Delicious!

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      You'll be hard pressed to find lake perch in the Pgh area, but you can get walleye on occassion. I typically buy my walleye at John McGinnis in Castle Shannon and cook it myself, but I have seen it on the menu at Al's Cafe in Bethel Park. On occassion, you can get it at Mitchell's Fish Market, and I seem to recall seeing it on the menu at Monterey Bay. Of course, you would need to call ahead as thesemenus change daily.

      You will probably need to head up to Erie for perch, and Smugglers Wharf has great perch. Growing up in WI, I truly appreciate your yearning for good lake perch, and I had some decent stuff in Sandusky last weekend. Be very careful in Pgh as you can find perch, but it is god-awful ocean perch. Good luck.

      1. re: MrKotter

        Yeah - we used to pull them out of Lake Arthur when I was a kid, and my memory insists on reminding me that they were delicious.

        I doubt that the lakes up there are available for commercial fishing (even small scale) but maybe I'll have better luck in points north. (Although Erie is a bit extreme, but I may end up in Meadville, so we shall see.)

        Thanks for the tips, MrKotter. I hadn't really thought about this in years until I saw a recent Man vs. Food and they were talking about perch and walleye in WI or maybe MN. (It may have been No Reservations, or maybe even Bizarre Foods.)