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Aug 21, 2009 11:05 AM

Rome/So. Tuscany/Positano -- getting ready to eat our hearts out!

We are heading to Italy for the first time in two weeks. After sorting through many helpful and descriptive posts, I believe we have come up with a good dining plan for our upcoming vacation... but a little feedback never hurts! And I have a couple of questions, too.

Here is what we are currently thinking:

Dinners at Glass Hostaria, Al Bric and Da Baffetto
Lunch at Cul de Sac, picnic lunch from Campo di Fiori market
And of course, gelato! Old Bridge, Gilotti and San Crispino are on the list.
--- We originally had reservations at Antico Arco, but we really wanted to do a night in Trastevere, and I get the sense it isn't THAT different from something I could experience in NYC - am I crazy to have changed this?
--- How is the CDF market; can you get decent picnic foods (bread, meats, cheeses and the like) or is it mainly produce?

Southern Tuscany:
Dinners at Logge di Vignola and Osteria Aquachetta in Montepulciano
Lunch at Osteria la Porta in Montichiello
--- If hungry while in Pienza, we will pop into Latte di Luna for a snack (can you do that there?); I can't imagine we will be after lunch at La Porta, but I have heard such good things, it pains me not to try it out. Or should we skip lunch at La Porta in favor of Latte di Luna?

Positano area/Capri:
Dinners at La Cambusa and Next2 in Positano, Il Ritrovo in Montepertuso
Lunch at Aurora in Capri, and maybe Le Tres Sorelle and/or Caffe Positano
Sunset drinks at Le Sirenuse

So, there's the plan... does that sound like a good mix?

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  1. About gelato in Rome, I agree with San Crispino as a must, but do not miss also IL MIO GELATO NATURALE ( and GELATERIA DEI GRACCHI and IL GELATO.



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    1. re: vidanto

      We loved gelato at San Crispino. To be honest, we did not expect to like it that much since it seemed from our research on this board that San Crispino was over hyped and Giolitti was the real deal, but to the surprise of our entire group, Giolitti was just okay while San Crispino was exceptional withs its intense fruit flavors. Particularly memorable was the white peach flavor--it was like biting into the actual fruit!

      1. re: hong_kong_foodie

        we thought San Crispino was pretty special too. Glad you liked it. Have you reported on your trip yet? I was looking forward to hearing how your rome eating weht!

      2. re: vidanto

        Giolitti surpasses San Crispino in flavor, however grumpy the service might be. I only saw Gringos in San Crispino.

      3. Hey Nic,
        Did you guys enjoy your trip? Any reviews to share?
        We're heading to Tuscany (& Positano for the 3rd time) in 3 weeks and would love to hear how you guys liked Osteria Aquachetta.
        Cheers! (PS. Love Cul-de-Sace in Rome and Tre Sorrelle in Posi).