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Aug 21, 2009 11:03 AM

24 hour eateries on Main Street in Santa Monica?

Just curious if there are any 24 hour places on Main Street in Santa Monica...thanks!

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  1. None that I am aware of. I think the latest you can get food is around 2am at Holy Guacaomole (food isn't very good) and some trucks that occasionally stay on main till the bars close. Closest 24 hour food I know of is Jack in the Box at 2025 Lincoln.

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      Norms, at Lincoln and Colorado, is open 24 hours, and I believe Tommy's, at Lincoln and Pico, is too. Neither, of course, is on Main St., but neither is very far.

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        Swingers is probably open very late (just looked and they are open at 6:30 AM and don't close until 4 AM) as well (Broadway & Lincoln).

        I don't think that Tommy's is open 24 hours, is it? Maybe, but I tend to ride by on my bike very early (4 AM) and it looks closed to me. And not too far away is Izzy's Deli at 15th and Wilshire IIRC (yeah, yeah, the food is iffy at izzy's - but they are open 24 hrs)

        ADD: Tommy's Santa Monica hours - per their website are:

        Sun-Thur: Open 7:30AM-12AM / Fri-Sat: Open 7:30AM-3AM

        802 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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          Well. Just goes to show how much *I* know.

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            It's just that I ride my bike between 2 and 5 AM around the west side and down to PV - so I am pretty darn familiar with the all night / late night eateries in various locations. If I see something that looks like it's open and serving very early it always piques my interest.

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              Ok, sorry to pry, but I've seen you mention it more than a couple times and my curiosity is more than piqued; do you mind me asking what you are doing biking at 2-5am? Seems like an odd hour to be biking...

              Sorry to be OT.

              Lastly, Santa Monica/WLA (and all of LA?) is lacking in late night/24 hr eateries. I would like to see more taco trucks (good ones) out here, esp. considering there is a pretty good night life. I guess that's what Kogi and Calbi are trying to clean up on.

              1. re: mdpilam

                But the west side is not horrible for 24 hour food either. I do get over to Pacific Dining Car when I am feeling rich and sometimes I drive down to the Farmer's Market and get breakfast at Du-par's and I plan on driving down to sample breakfast at the Kettle in Manhattan Beach (maybe later this morning since I'm about to ride now) and I even catch breakfast at Dolores on Santa Monica Blvd. which is open 24 hours and of course Norm's on Pico in WLA and Bossa Nova is open until 4 AM and the Yum Yum doughnuts on Pico near 28th is also 24 hours.

                No traffic to speak of. No sunlight exposure. Nocturnal animals. Cleaner air. I like the feeling of being out there all alone while almost everyone else is asleep.

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                  Just back and I forgot to add that I also get over to Canter's now and again for breakfast:

                  1. re: Servorg

                    The Kettle was good for breakfast, just like always. Top notch service (which is not always the case when things are slow) and the coffee is also quite good if you like it on the stronger side. Egg white scramble with avocado and jack cheese and a side of bacon (nice big slices of bacon which you should ask for crispy). I'm into cottage cheese right now so can't say how the potatoes were. The other nice thing about The Kettle is that it's nice inside. Big comfortable booths and fancy chandeliers and nice hanging plants and the windows with their cut glass and stained glass type panes in the hanging lamps and wood work that is a "cut above" all lend an air of "more than coffee shop" decor. Just a little bit farther than I like to go most mornings. But worth the extra drive now and then.

                    1138 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

    2. Pacific Dining Car on Wilshire in open 24 hours

      1. I've never been pleased by the super-late-night dining options in Santa Monica. The place I probably went to the most growing up though, was La CabaƱa-- even though it isn't on Main Street and isn't open 24 hours (they close at 3, if I remember correctly).

        La Cabana Restaurant
        738 Rose Ave, Venice, CA 90291

        1. not 24 hr, but open pretty late and serves terrific cannolis flown in from ny in addition to their pizza and other italien food:
          bravo pizzaria
          2400 Main Street
          Santa Monica, CA 90405
          Hours: Sun-Th 10:30am - 1:30am
          Fri-Sat 10:30am - 3:30am

          1. need to go to ktown for 24h places galore

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              Late night Santa Monica:
              Pacific Dining Car (overpriced, but the breakfast menu is quite good and not ludicrous)
              La Cabana
              Norm's (ugh)
              Denny's (double ugh)
              Izzy's Deli

              Not a perfect resource for this, but you can use - they will show you who's open right now - or who delivers to you right now - from the restaurants in their database. Unfortunately, they're not comprehensive (they have like 700 restaurants), though.

              La Cabana Restaurant
              738 Rose Ave, Venice, CA 90291

              Lincoln Blvd At Colorado, Santa Monica, CA 90401

              Pacific Dining Car
              2700 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403

              Izzy's Deli
              1433 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403

              802 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401