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Aug 21, 2009 10:56 AM

51 Main at the Bridge - Middlebury, VT

Middlebury College's 51 Main, in the renovated former Eat Good Food space, has started serving a nice lunch menu of freshly made savory or sweet crepes, plus a rotating variety of soups, salads and quiches. I enjoyed the chicken salad crepe with cucumber, pistachios, and golden raisins, and my husband raved about the "Roy O'Conner" crepe stuffed with Irish bangers and cheddar. Prices were quite reasonable- $6 or $7 for any of the entrees. Lots of tempting housemade chocolates, cheesecake, pies and incredible rich chocolate mousse in their dessert case too. I'm looking forward to trying dinner there sometime on one of their frequent music nights!

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  1. We went back for dinner last week, and shared the tapas platter which featured two different grilled sliced sausages with chimichurri sauce, dishes of mixed olives and Spanish almonds, spicy peppers with sardines, and toasted pita triangles. Everything was really good, though a dip for the pita would have been appreciated. Lots of good selections on their wine list, and local beers for $3.50 - I tried and liked Wolaver's White Ale. We considered some of the other dishes but decided to go straight to dessert. I like that all the creme brulees, cakes, pies, and truffles are available to peruse in the pastry case, but the waitstaff plate them attractively for you, adding whipped cream and fruit.

    1. For lunch one day in early August, we were the only customers - the college is on summer break, and the summer school students are too busy working on their languages and have food supplied by the college. I'm sure it's busier in the academic year. The college sponsors it as a social space.

      The place offers several nice couches for lounging - a nice place to take a break, order a drink, munch on some of the tasty sweets from the display case, play one of the board games that are available.

      Awesome baked mac & cheese, good honey crepe, pretty good sausage and potato "Don Quixote" savory crepe, good spicy cold soup. Very fair and moderate prices.