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Aug 21, 2009 10:45 AM

House of Bread or Gus's for Sandwiches in SLO?

We will be traveling up the coast this weekend and wish to get sandwiches for a picnic. Between Gus's and House of Bread, which do you recommend? If you have a preferred sandwich shop between Ventura and SLO, please mention it.


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  1. We enjoy many varied sandwich places in SLO. The Giant Grinder is excellent on Broad Street, Gus's is very popular and very good and you specify your choices.
    House of Bread is getting ready to move to new quarters at Marsh & Higuera,
    I'd wait a while. High Street Deli is another good option.

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    1. re: Bruce in SLO

      Muzio's (discussed below) is quite good.

      Also want to second High Street Deli. It was my favorite for as long as I lived there.

    2. When in SLO, I always head for Muzio's Grocery for a sammie.

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      1. Guss' is a huge college-age scene. Muzio's downtown on Monterey is much more relaxed and the food a higher quality, I think. Giant Grinder owners are a delight, and the food is very good, though limited outdoor seating on a busy street. High Street has very limited seating, good sandwiches.

        Muzio's is my favorite--and a great 1890's atmosphere.

        1. So, what did you choose? Did you find anything to tell us about?