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Aug 21, 2009 10:39 AM

Campfire bread

I went camping last week and started to think about breakfast food. Sometimes we'll do eggs or potatoes, but usually just granola bars or fruit. I was thinking if I brought frozen bread dough in a tin bread pan and wrapped it well in foil and covered it in the fire remains before bread I might be able to have fresh bread for breakfast. Or I might have a hunk of cement. Anybody tried this, or have any ideas?

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  1. Maybe burnt cement? The foil isn't going to cut it. But you are proposing an interesting idea. What about trying it with a camping dutch oven? You could put the dough directly into the pan, let it rise, and then cook it in the ashes. I've cooked cakes and batter topped stews this way.

    1. I've made all sorts of cobblers and cornbread in the fire, in a dutch oven.

      you put a few coals under it, and a few on top of the lid. makes really good cobbler with the cuppa cuppa recipe (cup of self-rising flour, cup of milk, cup of sugar, stick of butter, and however much fruit you can pick while you're out hiking...)

      1. Check out recipes for bannock bread...Easy to make....Can be baked several ways around a fire...My favorite is to wrap long "ropes" of dough (pencil size) around a green stick (think candy stripe) Prop the stick up on something close to the fire to bake...When done, slide it off the stick... you'll have a long "pig tail" of bread...Plain for your stew that night...Sprinkle with powdered sugar for breakfast the next morning...

        Have Fun and Enjoy!

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          That's what we used to do. We would mix the dry ingredients ( we would make a form of cinnamon bread) and put them in zip-lock bags for backpacking. Just add water and wrap around a stick and "bake near the fire.

        2. I saw a show on Food Network (maybe it was Ham on the Street) where he put dough in orange peels w/ cinnamon sugar, covered with foil and baked on a camp fire. It looked really good and he said it gave the bread a nice orange flavor.

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            That sounds really interesting. I think next time I'll make a cinnamon rasin bread and freeze it in balls to try this.