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Where to get birthday cake for 1 year old baby (near Bayview/Highway 7)?

My baby's 1 year old birthday is coming up. Could you please let me know where I can get birthday cake especially made for baby? A location near Bayview/Highway 7 would be preferred. However, if it's worth of it, I won't mind the distance. Many thanks!

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  1. Do you mean a small cake just for the baby to eat? If so, I just went to Loblaws and got a cupcake for my son and they decorated it with a "1" on top -- I let him go at that. I then had a bigger cake for other guests.

    1. Were you looking for something made especially for babies that would be better for them to eat instead of sugary birthday cake? I'm afraid I'm not sure where to look for that.
      However, if you're looking for a cake to serve to a group at a party, the easiest thing to do would be to go to a local grocery store. Most Loblaws or Metro stores have birthday cakes in their bakery, which can be decorated to personalize them. Or you can order ahead if you want them to make something special.
      Tip: If getting a layer cake, ask for the filling to be whipped cream (comes in different flavours) rather than butter cream. Cake is still tasty but not overwhelmingly sweet.

      1. This baby will become the youngest Chowhound, if we can provide an answer!

        1. Without a doubt, go to Cakes by Robert. All of the cakes are beyond delicious, beautiful, and best of all when you have kids around, all the cakes are nut-free.

          It is pretty close to your location; it is on Doncaster, which run east off of Yonge, just north of Steeles.

          1. i found this website: www.thevioletcakeshop.com and also www.swirlscupcakes.com. I have no idea how either of them are, but the designs looked great. I was doing this search for my son's first bday too. good luck and let us know.

            1. Your post was vague with respect to how upscale you wanted to go, but Longo's at Bayview & Laureleaf will customize cakes. In the same plaza, there is a bakery owned by the same people as the Bagel Nash in the plaza that custom bakes cakes which we have also enjoyed.

              1. Thank you all for ideas/info! I finally ordered a mango mousse cake from Maxim’s bakery near Leslie & Finch. We (my parents, my husband, my baby and I) went there today and tasted 4 kinds of different cakes and then put in the order.

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                  Just so you know for next time, there's a maxim on Bayview and Weldrick, much closer to you.

                  Also around hwy 7 and Bayview, there are quite a few Chinese bakeries in Maixm's vein that sell various cakes. Like Lucullus, a Japanese style bakery beside Regal Palace, etc....

                2. I had a beautiful cake done by ms.cakery awhile ago... They're a private caterer located near 16 & Bayview. Not sure what kind of cake you're looking for specifically, but you should try contacting them.
                  Cindy was the sweet girl that made my cake, you can try emailing her at cindy@mscakery.com
                  They have a website, but I think it's being redone for the time being. it's www.mscakery.com
                  Good luck, and I'm sure your baby will have a fantastic day!

                  1. but still curious, what is a cake for a baby?

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                      A mango mousse cake from Maxim, according to the OP.