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Aug 21, 2009 10:18 AM

Charlevoix Mi seafood

On a recent return trip to the Charlevoix, MI area, we went to The Argonne Supper Club. It is about 3 minutes out of town and well worth the drive. Forget appetizers and fancy salads. You get cole slaw , that is quite good, with your meal. The main event is the SEAFOOD. The crab legs were really was the shrimp, lobster, and fish. Don't expect fancy sauces, just delicious seafood done simply. And the prices are reasonable for seafood. A supper huge meal included 2 large crab legs,one lobster, shrimp and a piece of fish for $29.95. And many other combinations are available at lower costs. This definitely beats the Weathervane for value and variety of seafood.
This was the only restaurant that we went to twice!

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    1. Sadly the Argonne has turned into a Sysco food depot. That coleslaw is straight out of a Sysco carton. It used to be a decent place back in the day (Not for local fish) but it is no longer chow worthy in any sense. Here you are in the middle of an area ripe with fresh Salmon, Whitefish, Perch and Walleye and this place serves Shrimp, crab, lobster and any thing else they can get frozen. Ambiance is a zero as this is in an old house on Boyne City road in the middle of no-where.
      Not even close to the quality of the Weathervane.

      1. If you want a GREAT Michigan seafood dinner in Charlevoix, try Terry's Place, downtown. Walleye, Whitefish, Perch are all fresh, and made-to-order in a variety of classic presentations, each delicious. including Grenoboise, Muniere, etc.. Terry's is a small, immaculate, charming venue, worth a wait outside if necessary. If you venture a bit further from Charlevoix, almost to Boyne City, try Monte Bianco, for the parmesan-crusted walleye. Well worth the trip. Can't miss either place.