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Aug 21, 2009 09:35 AM

Quick Furaibo review

Full-write up with pics:

Not a bad place. I think the main draw here is the value, followed closely by a scene that's both bustling and laid-back. Highlights of the night were the harpen - deep fried fish pockets with Velveeta-like cheese, the sweet potato croquettes, and the deep-fried whole fish. And those house chicken-wings everyone talks about? Very salty and fatty, and just ended up making me drink more beer (which is probably what the folks at Furaibo had in mind). The eggplant wasn't bad and the chicken skewers were seasoned and grilled nicely, but the deep-fried chicken was completely dry and lacked any taste.

That said, the value is the real deal here. We were here for about 3 hours, had what seemed like an endless amount of food and about a dozen large Asahi's, and the final bill was roughly $28/person.

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  1. The menu is very hit or miss with alot of misses, and I think the whole fish is often one because its too greasy. I like the Yakitori, the fried chicken, and the Agedashi tofu. the atmosphere is as you described, and reasonable prices for food, beer by the pitcher and hot sake make it a good place for a casual outing with friends.

    1. I agree, I see Furaibo as a place to hang out and chow down on cheap grub. I think their food is just a few steps up from mediocre. But at least it's fresh and hot.