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Aug 21, 2009 09:24 AM

Gregory & Pete's (?)

The other day I walked down a block of Baronne I guess I've never walked down before and encountered a restaurant I'd never heard of. Gregory & Pete's. I don't claim to be familiar with every restaurant in New Orleans, but I was surprised that I'd never heard of Gregory & Pete's, considering the sign read "Since 1967", suggesting, of course, that this place has been around for 42 years, but also that it must be pretty good since it's made it that long. Anyway, I intend to try it out for lunch soon, but I wonder if I've been missing out on anything special? FYI, it's on Baronne about a half block on the uptown side of Poydras.

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  1. Is it perhaps "Pete & Gregory"? I remember a plate-lunch style place (steam tables, fried chicken, beans, greens) on Baronne (maybe 300 block?), but it was called "P&G Cafeteria" or something like that. Perhaps the name has change, or maybe a new sign? Anyway, my (mid-90s) impressions of the place--it was owned by someone from the Mediterranean (a Greek? maybe Palestinian or Lebanese?) but the cooks and staff were African-American. One of the owners (or maybe he was just the manager) would sit at a table and "supervise" everything, sometimes in a loud voice. It was passable food, but nothing special.

    But wait: I just re-read your post....the place I'm remembering was on the Quarter side of Baronne (in other words, the downtown side of Poydras).

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      You're thinking of P&G's, which is indeed owned by two Greek men, Gus Kouniaris and his business partner, or maybe brother(?), Petros I think. So that's what the P&G at that place stand for. As for the food, you recall correctly that it's a fine standard plate lunch place, with meat, two sides, and bread entrees, and several daily specials, in addition to poboys. One draw for me is the little glassed in courtyard/patio between the two dining rooms that serves as a terrarium for a family of turtles that you can watch while you eat. As far as I know turtle soup is not on the menu.

    2. Gregory and Pete's is pure New Orleans -- familiar plate lunches and diner food. Friendly service. Food is nothing to write home about, but I'd happily go there any day. Also check out another diner/plate lunch spot -- Leni's -- just up the street on Baronne.

      1. blue plate diner, lunch & breakfasts. ive been there several times and its pretty good; sweetheart senior waitress, old fashioned cash register. the place looks like it hasnt changed in 50 years inside, and i like that.

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          I used to have a gallery on Baronne and ate their po'boys all the time.

        2. great info. looking forward to trying it out soon. always looking for new CBD lunch places. will also give Leni's a shot. thanks.

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            Very good breakfast and not bad lunches. Each day is a different special. If you do go, ask to use the bathroom. You go thru this tiny kitchen, out the back door and into the smallest bathroom I've ever been in. Like the post said, super nice waitress, probably been there 40 years!