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Aug 21, 2009 09:20 AM

10th wedding anniversary: is Oleana the best choice?

I have a 10th wedding anniversary coming up soon and am struggling with the dinner decision. Oleana is our favorite restaurant -- we go there for every birthday and anniversary. I love it but feel we should branch out for the 10th. Any suggestions? Food quality is the number one consideration, we like Mediterranean cuisines, and we prefer an atmosphere that isn't too formal (thus Oleana).

I was thinking possibly Toro, altho it looks like it doesn't take reservations. Also Craigie on Main, but wondering if it's just the same as Craigie Bistro which I wasn't a huge fan of because the food was so rich it gave me a stomachache. I also considered no9 park, but they don't have reservations available the day we need it.

Thanks for your help

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  1. Our second wedding anniversary is coming up soon too, and we're going to KO Prime and Sportello. Last year for our anniversary weekend we ate at Mooo and Scampo, which were outstanding. Rendezvous in Central Square is also wonderful. Sportello, Scampo, and Rendezvous are all not too formal, and have Italian and French influences. I'm sure you'd like any one of them.

    1. Since you are a regular at Oleana, I'd like to ask you about the portion size. We went there many yrs ago, and found it to be v. precious. It was so precious, we left there actually hungry. And, along that same vein, the review I read about Craigie Bistro in the Globe, Devra First said it was very expensive, and she left hungry. Do you need a reservation to go to Toro? Too bad about no9 park, the gnocchi is fabulous! I have to get to Rendevous. What about Hungry Mother? Any one managed to get in there?

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        I have never had an issue with portion size at Oleana. Typically we get appetizers before the main and I often feel stuffed before the appetizers arrive. Actually I think the appetizers are my favorite part of the menu, and one of these days I'll remember to order a series of apps and forgo the entree!!

        1. You might really enjoy TW Food. It is small and intimate, not too formal, with outstanding food.

          Troquet and Radius are also consistently good with the food, IMO, although I haven't been to Radius for years. Service at Radius is/was impeccable and it feels like a big event sort of place, but the decor is more minimalist than Clio or L'Espalier, which makes it feel a little less formal. Troquet is pretty cozy and if you ask for a view of the common when making your reservation, maybe they would oblige.

          1. I'd recommend T.W. Food. I went there recently and had a wonderful dining experience. There are about twelve tables and the atmosphere is as fancy or casual as you want to make it. The food isn't Mediterranean cuisine - more American and French-style cooking, but I think you will be very pleased.

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              We ended up at TW Food and I was quite happy with the choice. The morcilla was excellent, although the pate was just OK. What really impressed me was the service. My husband was struggling between ordering the beef tenderloin and the mushroom quiche. He chose the beef, but a few minutes later the waitress came back and said that she thought it was the wild mushrooms that were drawing him to the Quiche, so would he like the chef to add some to his beef dish? Of course this was exactly what the issue was, and he was so happy to get everything he wanted.
              The beef itself was fabulous, extremely tender and flavorful. I had a white carrot soup with maple cream - yum - and for an entree chicken breast on top of eggplant with heirloom cherry tomatoes.

              Everything was incredibly fresh, and I appreciated that they didn't salt the food to death as I find many of the restaurants tend to do. Even tho Oleana is still my favorite, I plan to go back to TW Food.

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                I'm so glad you had a great anniversary dinner there! I also really enjoyed the food and service there and I will definitely be heading back there soon.