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Aug 21, 2009 09:07 AM

Restaurant Recomendation for 50th Anniv. - rent entire space

Hello, my parents are having their 50th anniv. next Feb on a Saturday night, and we are looking for a place to celebrate. there will be about 125-150 people invited.

Currently we are looking at a few hotels, one is the LIberty hotel. They are extremely expensive and also I thought that reserving a full restaurant instead for a banquet room at a hotel might be a nicer experience.

Could anyone recommend a restaurant that could hold 125-150? I would be looking for a place on the same level of the LIberty hotel or somewhat close to that.

Thanks in advance

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  1. I'd like to recommend the Hotel Marlowe in Camdidge. I went to an event there and the service and food were spot on.

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      Although i have no specific recommendations, OpenTable has a comprehensive directory for private dining in the Boston area:

    2. Just an FYI...for a restaurant rental on a Saturday night (in a place that would be comparable to the Liberty Hotel and large enough to hold 125-150 people) you should expect to pay $25K and up. This is because it needs to cover what they might make normally on food/beverage on a Saturday, when they can expect to turn tables 3 to 4 times. At least, this is what I know from a buy out of a place in the South End (which I am not mentioning b/c it wouldn't be big enough for you and I am not sure they would like private party prices mentioned).

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        yes, I figure there will be some type of min. for a saturday night. Thanks for the mention.

      2. As an alternative, I would put in a work for the Black Rock Country Club in Hingham. Yes, I know it's not Boston, and it's not a restaurant hotel. But they do have lovely space, and the 2 parties I've attended there both had great food.

        1. Why not try the Danversport Yacht club? I had my daughters wedding shower at the Sonesta Hotel in the skyline room and that was wonderful... you will pay a lot more renting out a restaurant on a Saturday night than you will at a function hall type place... as the post above states the restaurant is going to make sure they cover any and all business lost by the rental.

          How about Habitat in Belmont? Beautiful old mansion and you can get your own caterer. I know Wildflour catering out of Charlestown does a lot of functions there... there is also the Lyman House in Waltham that they cater at a lot...

          1. While pricey, would definitely recommend L'Espalier for such a special occasion.