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Aug 21, 2009 09:05 AM

Looking for suggestions...spirits every chef should own for the kitchen???

An attempt in broadening my scope...

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  1. depends what you like to cook or bake. i keep bourbon, brandy and rum for hard spirits -- the 1st two i usually add to chocolate desserts. i use beer for tempura batter. i keep vermouth and sherry as well. if i need wine added to a sauce i'll use either my house red or white. that's about it.

    1. I have to have a good supply of vodka and brandy for making alcohol-soaked fruit, and liqueurs. Vodka and limoncello and Grand Marnier for sorbets.

      1. depends upon what kind of cooking you do or want to do...

        If you're Asian inclined, you'll need various rice wines, mirin, Shaoxing, and the like.

        For more "western" type cooking, fino sherry, dry vermouth, brandy, ruby and tawny ports, Marsala (dry for savory, sweet for desserts). Rum comes in handy, especially the dark kind. Things like Madeira and Calvados are pretty pricy, but thankfully, they keep indefinitely, as opposed to wine, which will turn within a few days of opening.

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          I like to drink dark Jamaican rum, but started using Capt Morgan spiced for cooking.

          Also occasionally, Pernod, for certain Italian and Greek recipes.

        2. Eau de vies are nice to have around (e.g. Kirschwasser, Williams-Birne (clear pear brandy), Himbeergeist (raspberry). The 80-proof kind, not the sugary, syrupy stuff. Schladerer is one brand that is likely to be available. ChefJune mentioned Calvados--good tip.

          1. I add a touch of Grand Marnier to French Toast, and Sherry to Mushroom Soup.