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6 Ripe Mangoes and only 2 People

We just got a gift in the mail of 6 ripe mangoes. I've refrigerated them, but need to come up with some ideas to use them. Thanks for all suggestions.

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  1. I've pureed and frozen in ice cube trays. Makes really good smoothies.

    1. I had an amazing mango and tomato gazpacho the other day- the acidity and sweetness really played off well on each other.

      Another big hit in my family is mango salsa- mangos, onion, cilantro, serrano peppers, maybe some cucumbers -play off sweet and spicy-and the refreshing crunch of the cucumber :-)

      1. mango lassi
        mango salsa (topping for seafood or chicken, or just eat with chips)
        cut up into ~1" chunks and freeze for smoothies
        mango compote
        mango sorbet
        My favorite is to just eat them plain.

        1. Just eat them if they are ripe.
          I use less ripe ones for recipes, they are easier to work with. Ripe ones are insanely good as is. Why mess with nature's perfection?

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            I second that. 2 for breakfast, two for lunch and 2 for dinner. Problem solved! :D
            Actually, in case you've never done that before, that might be a little too much for your tummies. I should know. :">

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              My sister was doing that for a summer- well several years of summers- and actually triggered a pretty terrible allergy...an ER visit later- no more mangoes for her....

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                Mangoes are related to poison ivy and sumac I believe. My sister gets poison ivy-esque rashes and hives from them

          2. mango slaw is fantastic
            puree them for margaritas!

            1. Mango sorbet or freeze mango chunks to use in smoothies.

              1. Mango sorbet is absolutely lovely. I add lemon to mine so that it isn't cloyingly sweet. Mango ice cream was not as successful.

                1. Wash mango. Cut in half lengthwise along edges of seed. (In Haiti I saw a cook do this with a machete but I prefer to use a paring knife.) Twist the halves apart, holding over the sink. Cut around seed with tip of paring knife; remove seed. Eat mango with grapefruit spoon, on the half-shell. Gnaw fruit off seed while leaning over sink. Six mangos and two people? That's three mangos per person. Go to it.